7 Best Baby Swings

7 Best Baby Swings

Let's face it: the baby swing is perfect when you’ve got a fussy infant who just can’t fall asleep. In other words: if you have an infant, you should have a baby swing.

You might be wondering:

Isn’t it better if someone’s holding and snuggling with my baby? Perhaps. But sometimes parents need a break too—especially if you just can’t get your newborn to relax or fall asleep any other way.

That being said, a baby swing should never be a substitute for a human caregiver. Think of it as a temporary form of relief—for you and your child. 


Consumer Reports, LiveStrong, and a number of other sources have previously reported on baby swing risks as well as best practices. If you’re not already aware of these, consider the fact that in 2005, 1,800 children were injured by a baby swing.

If infants are left unattended in baby swings or they’re used incorrectly, there is a risk for injury.

What’s the bottom line?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the best baby swing for your child. We spent countless hours researching and reading reviews to bring you the safest, most reliable picks.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommmend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

7 Best Baby Swings

  • 7. Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing
  • 6. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing with Smart Swing Technology
  • 5. Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer
  • 4. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper
  • 3. Graco Soothing System Baby Glider
  • 2. Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Portable Compact Automatic Swing
  • 1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat

Quietest Baby Swing


Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing

Quietest Baby Swing: Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing
226 Bought
76 % Editor Score
80 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Super quiet
  • Small and portable
  • Chock-full of features

When looking over the feedback on most baby swings, you’ll notice that one of the largest complaints is the noise level of the swing. You won’t have to worry about that with this portable, feature-rich baby swing from Ingenuity.

Some people have said their infants have a tendency to slide to one side of the seat, which means this is probably better for bigger infants and not newborns.

Safety: Five-point harness and non-slip feet.

Portability: This small baby swing is definitely portable.

Comfort: This swing works best for older (larger) infants that can comfortably fit and support themselves within this roomy seating.

Power Source: AC adaptor or batteries

Features: This baby swing comes with a variety of features, including: easily powered by AC adaptor or long-lasting batteries; True Speed™ technology ensures consistent swinging speeds; 5 swing speeds, 8 melodies, and 3 nature sounds; 3 timer settings; Whisper Quiet™ for noise control; removable toy bar; and Slim Fold™ design for compact space-saving.

Price: This isn’t the cheapest baby swing, but it is much more affordable than some of the more popular brand names on this list.

Best Soothing Infant Swing


Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing with Smart Swing Technology

Best Soothing Infant Swing: Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing with Smart Swing Technology
245 Bought
84 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Great for play or naptime
  • Soothing swing for colicky babies
  • Well made

Looking for a well-reviewed and reliable baby swing? The Snugabunny baby swing from Fisher-Price is one of the most popular swings, based on reviews from Mom Tricks, Baby Gear Lab (which named it best overall) and Baby Insider.

Some customers have complained about instability and noise issues with their swings. So be sure to test yours out immediately after purchase and monitor at all times for potential malfunctioning.

Safety: Five-point harness as well as two different reclining options.

Portability: Not much has been said about the portability of this one, so it’s safe to assume this is midweight/size.

Comfort: Since people use this baby swing for both play and sleep, and it’s known for soothing irritable infants, this must be a super comfortable seat.

Power Source: AC adaptor or batteries.

Features: With this product your baby can either swing or rock and it includes the following features: 6 speeds, 3 seating options, 2 recline positions, and 16 songs or sounds; machine washable; motorized mobile for entertainment; and easy assembly.

Price: This is definitely an expensive swing, so keep your eye out for sales.

Best Baby Swing-Bouncer Combo


Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer

Best Baby Swing-Bouncer Combo: Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer
241 Bought
80 % Editor Score
85 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Gentle musical and ambient sound options
  • Doubles as both a swing and bouncer
  • Plush seating and headrest

If entertainment and comfort are both important to you, consider getting a baby swing-bouncer combo like this one from Graco. With soft, plush seating, soothing sounds, and well-made sturdy construction, this is a pricey investment that pays off in dividends.

Previous customers have had a mix of complaints about this one. Some say this is too large. Others say it’s too loud. And a few don’t like that the bouncer is only battery-powered.

Safety: Five-point harness.

Portability: This is not the kind of swing you’ll be able to take with you. Find a good, roomy space to place this in your home, and leave it there.

Comfort: Customers love the plush seating and headrest support.

Power Source: You can use an AC adaptor or batteries for the swing component; however, the bouncer only works on batteries.

Features: Features include: bouncer + baby swing; large seat with plush padding; 6 speed settings, 2 vibration settings, 10 classical songs, and 5 nature sounds; and great speakers and volume control.

Price: This swing is expensive, but it’s best to look at this as a two-for-one kind of purchase.

Best Cheap Baby Swing


Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper

Best Cheap Baby Swing: Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper
233 Bought
92 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Incline is perfect for congested or ill infants
  • Puts babies to sleep right away
  • Raised sides provide extra compression and comfort

Despite the low price tag, this baby swing offers a whole lot of comfort for infants—especially if they need extra support for breathing. Many of the parents who have reviewed this also rave about its ability to put children to sleep—and keep them asleep—instantly.

The biggest drawback to this baby swing is the hard headrest. Be sure to add your own padding if you use this regularly.

Safety: Stable support keeps infants propped up for unobstructed breathing. Also comes with a three-point safety harness.

Portability: This baby swing is light, compact, and portable.

Comfort: If you want extra support for your child—around the back and around his or her sides—this is a great baby swing. Just be careful of the headrest.

Power Source: Battery-powered.

Features: Features include: gentle vibrations and rocking for extra soothing; deep seating with extra support; breathable fabric; and dangling toy.

Price: Unless you find one of the other swings at a discounted price, this is as cheap as they come.

Best Glider Swing


Graco Soothing System Baby Glider

Best Glider Swing: Graco Soothing System Baby Glider
261 Bought
84 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Comforting glider movement
  • Lightweight and leaves a small footprint
  • Converts to a bouncer

If your baby enjoys the gentle movements of snuggling with you in his or her nursery glider, then take a look at this glider swing from Graco. It also converts into a bouncer, so you’ve got options to work with.

There’s really no nice way to say this. People absolutely hate the music that comes with this.

Safety: Five-point harness. People also applaud the super stable frame.

Portability: This versatile baby glider is also small and lightweight, which makes carrying this around a breeze.

Comfort: Plush seating that also includes extra support inserts for newborns.

Power Source: You can either use an AC adaptor or batteries. Based on what we've seen on other baby swings though, the bouncer probably only works on batteries.

Features: Comes with a variety of features, including: both glider and bouncer; small and lightweight frame that will fit wherever you go; gentle vibrations; and extra support for newborns.

Price: This is the most expensive baby swing on our list, but it’s worth the price if your baby enjoys the soothing motions of your nursery glider.

Best Portable Baby Swing


Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Portable Compact Automatic Swing

Best Portable Baby Swing: Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Portable Compact Automatic Swing
303 Bought
93 % Editor Score
94 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Lightweight, making it easy to move around or take on the go
  • Comfortable reclining seat
  • Variety of settings and features to induce relaxation

Typically, if you want a baby swing with all the bells and whistles, you’re looking at a major space hog. This one from Bright Starts happens to be an exception with its lightweight frame, two-in-one rocker/swing functionality, and additional features and settings galore.

There honestly weren't any complaints we could find on this one.

Safety: Comes with a five-point safety harness.

Portability: Previous customers love this feature-rich baby swing, but they especially love its lightweight portability.

Comfort: Three incline/recline settings and a perfectly cushioned seat lend to the overall comfort of this baby swing.

Power Source: No need to worry about burning out batteries, this runs on an AC adaptor.

Features: The features of this baby swing include: both rocker and swing; TrueSpeed™ technology for smooth, consistent rocking, nature sounds and relaxing musical tunes; volume control settings; auto shut-off and timer settings; made with WhisperQuiet™ technology; and animal mobiles for additional entertainment

Price: This is about mid-range in terms of pricing.

Best Baby Swing Overall


Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat

Best Baby Swing Overall: Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat
383 Bought
82 % Editor Score
97 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Calming swing speed and vibration variations
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Batteries last a long time

If you’re looking for a baby swing that does it all, look no further. With easy assembly, swing and seat dual functionality, portability, and much more going for it, this baby swing is a reliable pick.

Improve Baby Sleep says: “This is obviously an all-around wise buy because there’ll be no need to purchase a separate seat. Not only that, having the swing and seat in one unit can’t help but mean less clutter around the house.”

Some users have had issues with the settings becoming wonky after long-term use.

Safety: Five-point adjustable harness. The swing’s feet also have non-skid material to keep it planted firmly on the ground.

Portability: Compact and lightweight. Also has an overhead handle that makes it easy to carry around.

Comfort: The seating itself is comfortable, but Fisher Price has also included a soft insert that can be used for additional support for newborns.

Power Source: This swing runs on C batteries, but most customers claim this to be energy efficient.

Features: Features include: 6 speed options and 10 sounds; machine washable; can be used as baby swing or vibrating seat; smart technology senses baby’s weight in order to keep speeds consistent as the child grows; and canopy includes two birds for entertainment and soothing views.

Price: This is a great value, though be aware that it may not be durable enough for use with multiple children.

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