7 Best Baby Swings

7 Best Baby Swings

Let's face it: the baby swing is perfect when you’ve got a fussy infant who just can’t fall asleep. In other words: if you have an infant, you should have a baby swing.

You might be wondering:

Isn’t it better if someone’s holding and snuggling with my baby? Perhaps. But sometimes parents need a break too—especially if you just can’t get your newborn to relax or fall asleep any other way.

That being said, a baby swing should never be a substitute for a human caregiver. Think of it as a temporary form of relief—for you and your child. 


Consumer Reports, LiveStrong, and a number of other sources have previously reported on baby swing risks as well as best practices. If you’re not already aware of these, consider the fact that in 2005, 1,800 children were injured by a baby swing.

If infants are left unattended in baby swings or they’re used incorrectly, there is a risk for injury.

What’s the bottom line?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the best baby swing for your child. We spent countless hours researching and reading reviews to bring you the safest, most reliable picks.

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