7 Best Baby Shampoos

7 Best Baby Shampoos

You probably didn't spend too much time thinking about shampoos, lotions, and other such personal hygiene and cosmetic products until news reports started emerging about the prevalence of formaldehyde in them. 

The short story is that the United States hasn't updated its cosmetics laws since 1938. As such, you could easily find formaldehyde in baby shampoos sold in the United States. Even in Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo.

Can you believe it? 

Given the news and ingredient lists of Johnson baby shampoos and body washes, we're happy to include them within our best baby shampoo faves. But, we're even happier to look at organic baby shampoos and products with all natural ingredients. 

And that's exactly what we did.

To develop this list of safe baby shampoos, we spent a loooong time pouring over ingredient lists to rule out anything with parabens or phthalates, as well as other disgusting ingredients.

Then, we took a look at the reviews of parents to see what they thought. After that, it was a matter of testing products and giving you a list of the best baby shampoos.


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