13 Best Baby Halloween Costumes

13 Best Baby Halloween Costumes


After 30 hours of research evaluating 125 products, we picked InCharacter Baby Lil' Garden Gnome Costume as our top choice.

Some parents create Pinterest-worthy Halloween costumes with sewing machines and glue guns. The rest of us lack the time, talent, and/or ambition to transform scraps of fabric into an adorable costume - and there’s no shame in that.

If you’ve been flipping through Pins featuring homemade costumes thinking, “Nope, this isn’t happening,” you’ve come to the right place.

We know that life is hectic when you’ve got a baby or toddler, which is why we spent weeks researching the best baby Halloween costumes and talking to parents just like you to compile a list of cute and comfortable costumes for your little one.

Here’s the deal:

We love Halloween and its spooky, sugar-filled fun. 171 million Americans spend a combined total of $6.9 billion on Halloween each year, with $3.1 billion of that amount going toward Halloween costumes

Almost 50% of adults dress up each year, and nearly 30% of moms and dads take their kiddos trick-or-treating. If you're one of them, you're in the right place (unless you're shopping for older kids - we've got a different article for that)!

Keep reading to check out our list of the best baby halloween costumes. 

Why trust us: Faveable has spent thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing products to come up with carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013.

13 Best Baby Halloween Costumes

  • 13. Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Costume
  • 12. Disguise My First Disney Mickey Costume
  • 11. Fun World Pumpkin Costume
  • 10. Baby Boo! Ghost Baby Halloween Costume
  • 9. InCharacter Baby Boy’s Nerd Costume
  • 8. Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit
  • 7. InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume
  • 6. Zonegear Crocheted Ladybug Costume
  • 5. Halloween Tutu Outfit for Babies
  • 4. Elvis Onesie Costume
  • 3. Pokemon Pikachu Halloween Costume
  • 2. California Costumes UPS Driver Toddler Costume
  • 1. InCharacter Baby Lil' Garden Gnome Costume

Best Halloween Costume for Post-Halloween Play


Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Costume

Best Halloween Costume for Post-Halloween Play: Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Costume
76 % Editor Score
81 % User Score
92 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Flexible material
  • Inspires creative play
  • Includes fun accessories

This customizable costume comes with multiple accessories, including a name badge that makes toddlers feel like official firefighters. Additionally, the durable design withstands frequent play long after you finish Halloween festivities.

Parents don’t love the loud megaphone as much as kids do. Don’t install batteries if you’re worried about the noise - we won’t tell.

Design: This Melissa and Doug fire chief costume looks like the real deal, and it’s made from bright, resilient materials. Velcro seals hold the costume comfortably in place, and they’re easy for independent toddlers with “I can do it myself” personalities.

The size adjustment ring inside of the costume’s helmet is detachable, so you don’t have to hear any complaints that something feels weird on your little one’s head.

Accessories: The accessories are our favorite part of this fun fire chief costume. Your little firefighter can keep the community safe with a bullhorn and realistic-looking fire extinguisher. And a reusable name tag makes it easy to swap costumes with friends or siblings during shared play.

Maintenance: We were surprised (and delighted) to discover that this fire chief costume is machine washable. Make sure you remove the name badge first though!

Price: This costume usually costs between $20 and $30, which is a steal when you consider everything that comes with it.

Best Character Costume for Babies


Disguise My First Disney Mickey Costume

Best Character Costume for Babies: Disguise My First Disney Mickey Costume
78 % Editor Score
82 % User Score
91 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Soft material
  • Roomy enough to go over clothes
  • Sizes are accurate

This versatile costume can also be worn during birthday parties or family vacations to Disney World. It also features a comfortable, lightweight hood (so your child might actually keep it on).

Several moms and dads are irritated that the tail is attached with velcro. Personally, we see this as a plus because it means we can remove it once your kiddo has had enough of it.

Design: This costume looks just like Mickey Mouse, a beloved character your baby or toddler is probably familiar with. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and parents like that it fits loosely. Convenient snaps make it simple to swap a dirty diaper for a clean one.

Accessories: This Mickey Mouse costume includes an attached headpiece and a detachable tail. It does not include booties or socks, but we’ve found that this unisex costume looks great with black Mary Janes or sneakers.

Maintenance: Unfortunately, you have to wash this cute costume by hand. That’s a bummer, but we can live with it.

Price: The price of this costume is all over the place. Expect to dole out anywhere from $18 to $82 for this Mickey Mouse attire.

Best Classic Baby Halloween Costume


Fun World Pumpkin Costume

Best Classic Baby Halloween Costume: Fun World Pumpkin Costume
80 % Editor Score
84 % User Score
107 Bought

Why People Love it

  • One size fits most infants and young toddlers
  • Created using thick, warm material
  • Roomy costume fits over clothes or a jacket

This timeless pumpkin design never goes out of style, so you can reuse this costume on siblings or pass it on to friends. Both the hat and costume are created using comfy, soft material.

Parents disagree about whether the costume, which is labeled 0 to 24 months, is actually suitable for this age range. They warn that it might not fit your child properly if he or she is bigger than other kids their age.

Design: Many parents say this costume is well-made, and we agree. The thick orange material holds up nicely during trick-or-treating or a preschool party, and we like how spacious the tunic is. It makes layering easy on cold Halloween nights.

Accessories: This costume comes with a loose-fitting hat and an orange pumpkin-shaped tunic. It does not include shoes or a black shirt, so keep that in mind.

Maintenance: This costume is hand wash only. We admit that doing laundry by hand isn’t exactly our favorite thing, but we’re willing to make that sacrifice once a year.

Price: This pumpkin baby costume costs around $25, which is a price we can live with. It’s a fairly average price as far as Halloween costumes go.

Best Spooky Newborn Halloween Costume


Baby Boo! Ghost Baby Halloween Costume

Best Spooky Newborn Halloween Costume: Baby Boo! Ghost Baby Halloween Costume
82 % Editor Score
85 % User Score
78 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Soft fabric
  • Simple design
  • Great as a Halloween night costume or seasonal sleepwear

Built-in mittens help prevent scratches from curious fingers and pullover design is comfortable and convenient.

A handful of parents complain that the black lettering fades after you wash the costume.

Design: This is a basic, no-frills costume for a newborn boy or girl (which is part of the reason we love it so much). Sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple instead of wondering if your infant will feel uncomfortable in a bulky costume or eat his or her accessories. As an added bonus, it’s a gown, so all you have to do is slide it up when it’s time for a diaper change.

Accessories: The white pullover gown comes with a knotted cap adorned with black letters that spell out “Boo!” It doesn’t include socks, so you may want to put some on your infant’s feet.

Maintenance: Frequent diaper changes and feedings keep parents of newborns pretty busy. Luckily, this Halloween gown is safe for the washer and dryer, allowing you to easily cross costume maitenance off your to do list!

Price: Expect to pay around $25 for this newborn Halloween costume. A couple parents think the price is too high, but we’re okay with it since this costume doubles as pajamas.

Best Budget-Friendly Baby Halloween Costume


InCharacter Baby Boy’s Nerd Costume

Best Budget-Friendly Baby Halloween Costume: InCharacter Baby Boy’s Nerd Costume
84 % Editor Score
87 % User Score
103 Bought

Why People Love it

  • One-piece costume is easy to put on your baby
  • Typically has a true-to-size fit
  • Lightweight material is comfortable for kiddos

Cute nerd costume is a fun alternative to the pumpkins and peapods that dominate the costume scene for babies. Suspenders and belt are imprinted in the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about your little one yanking them off.

The glasses are cute, but most parents complain they don’t fit very well. However, you can add elastic to the back if you want them to stay on all night.

Design: The parent-friendly design of this snap-bottom nerd suit makes diaper changes and costume removal a cinch. But we’ll be honest with you: This costume isn’t made as well as some of the others on our list, even though it’s just as cute. This is an ideal option for kids who just need a cheap costume for a night or two, not children who plan to play dress up months after Halloween ends.

Accessories: This nerd baby costume includes a bowtie and black glasses. However, most parents ditch the glasses due to issues with the fit - or because their kiddos just hate wearing glasses.

Maintenance: We dig that this nerd costume is machine washable. Be careful, though - wash it on the delicate cycle, and make sure there aren’t any clothes with zippers or velcro that can snag this polyester piece.

Price: Most nerd costumes from this brand are around $18, but we’ve seen them as low as $12. This is the cheapest baby costume on our list of faves.

Best Baby Halloween Costume for Science Fans


Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit

Best Baby Halloween Costume for Science Fans: Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit
86 % Editor Score
88 % User Score
91 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Authentic appearance
  • Great for layering over clothes
  • Sturdy, well-made costume

Encourages imaginative play in toddlers. Numerous parents rave that the quality and construction of this astronaut costume is much better than other popular baby costumes.

Some parents complain that this costume runs small, so consider buying a size bigger than your kiddo usually wears. Luckily, there's a handy chart on Amazon that helps you find the perfect size.

Design: Moms and dads love that this Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit looks pretty darn close to official NASA gear. The infant/baby sizes have convenient snaps along the legs - perfect for replacing diapers after a massive blowout threatens to destroy the universe. The belt around the waist is adjustable, so your little one remains comfy after gulping down a bottle or chowing down on Halloween treats.

In general, Aeromax is a trusted brand known for its impressive designs and non-flimsy materials. That’s why bloggers like Natural Mama and Leanne from Rave and Review have tons of praise for other costumes from the company.   

Accessories: The astronaut costume for babies who are 6 - 12 months old doesn’t include a cap (which is fine with us because we can’t get our babies to keep them on anyway), but the other sizes do. Other accessories, such as space boots and a helmet with a visor, are sold separately.

Maintenance: Don’t let the white fabric scare you away from buying this costume, which is made from a comfortable blend of polyester and cotton. You can wash it inside out on a delicate cycle and then let it air dry. One mom gushed that she washed her son’s costume 8 times before Halloween, and it still looked amazing.

Price: The price, which depends on the size you choose, typically ranges from $30 to $60 for this astronaut suit. We’re happy with the price because kids wear this costume long after Halloween ends. One mom confessed that her son wore it every single day for 5 or 6 months, and we could totally see our kids doing the same thing.

Best Animal Halloween Costume for Babies


InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume

Best Animal Halloween Costume for Babies: InCharacter Lil’ Monkey Costume
88 % Editor Score
90 % User Score
141 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Soft fabric isn’t itchy or uncomfortable
  • Unisex design
  • Warm and cozy

The booties have skid-resistant bottoms so your little one can explore her environment without falling. Additionally, this adorable, fun costume is easily identifiable (so you won’t have to deal with any confused “So, what exactly is your child dressed up as?” comments).

Some annoyed parents warn that the hair on this monkey suit sheds, and babies love to chew on the soft sleeves.

Design: This baby monkey costume is cute and comfortable. We love the removable non-skid booties because we’ve raised kiddos who aren’t fans of anything that remotely resembles footie pajamas. The costume isn’t flimsy or cheaply made, so you can reuse it after Halloween ends.   

Accessories: InCharacter doesn’t monkey around (yeah, we’re hilarious) when it comes to accessories. You get everything you need to transform your sweet kidlet into a cuddly creature, including an attached tail and monkey-ear hood. As mentioned previously, the costume also includes slip-on, skid-resistant booties.

Maintenance: Hallelujah! This cute costume is machine washable, so you don’t have to remove caked-in Tootsie Rolls and sticky sucker residue by hand. A couple of parents warn that hair gets on everything in the washing machine, so wash it alone or use a lint roller on your other clothes.

Price: With a price range that falls between approximately $27 and $89, this is one of the pricier costumes on our list. However, we think the price tag reflects the quality of this monkey suit, making it well worth the investment.

Best Crocheted Halloween Costume for Babies


Zonegear Crocheted Ladybug Costume

Best Crocheted Halloween Costume for Babies: Zonegear Crocheted Ladybug Costume
89 % Editor Score
91 % User Score
75 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Perfect for photoshoots
  • Soft material
  • Quality craftsmanship

Soft, vibrant yarn transforms your baby into an adorable ladybug. Lightweight and comfortable.

Not really ideal for outdoor festivities on Halloween. This costume is best for photos and indoor gatherings.

Design: Bold black polka dots adorn the vibrant red back of this crocheted ladybug costume. It’s carefully crafted from soft cotton and acrylic yarn, so it’s gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

This cute costume fits babies from 0 to 6 months, so your little ladybug can wear this plenty of times.

Accessories: A rich black hat with a large red flower keeps your little one’s head warm during photo shoots. This costume isn’t warm enough for Halloween night unless your trick-or-treating in the tropics, but it’s great for indoor adventures.

Maintenance: Wash this delicate costume by hand and lay it flat to dry so your ladybug doesn’t turn into a pile of unraveled yarn.

Price: You can own this handmade costume for less than $10, and your child can wear it for 6 months or so. That’s one heck of a deal!

Best Tutu Halloween Costume for Babies


Halloween Tutu Outfit for Babies

Best Tutu Halloween Costume for Babies: Halloween Tutu Outfit for Babies
91 % Editor Score
93 % User Score
70 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Well made
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Plenty of bling

Ribbons, tulle, and glitter make this Halloween tutu outfit perfect for your little princess. As an added bonus, snaps on the bottom make diaper changes a breeze.

Some parents say this costume runs big, but many say it fits as expected.

Design: This is the kind of adorable costume your sweetheart can rock for Halloween photos or visits to the grandparents’ house. Soft tulle lends a girly touch to the tights and creates a perfectly puffy tutu, while satin-like ribbons hold the outfit’s pretty shoes in place.

This costume comes in 3 different styles, so your little one can showcase her personal style.

Accessories: If you’re a fan of accessories, this costume was made just for your child. It comes with everything she needs to have a fun-filled Halloween: tights, shoes, and even a cute headband.

Maintenance: You can probably get away with washing this costume (at least the romper part of it) on the delicate cycle and laying it flat to dry, but be careful. You may want to just do everything by hand so the tulle doesn’t snag or rip.

Price: The price ranges from $18 to $28 for this adorable tutu set. That might seem a bit high, but keep in mind you get everything your kiddo needs for Halloween night.

Best Newborn Halloween Costume


Elvis Onesie Costume

Best Newborn Halloween Costume: Elvis Onesie Costume
93 % Editor Score
94 % User Score
85 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Authentic design
  • Comfortable material
  • Easily recognizable costume

Gold font spells out “The King” and “Elvis Lives,” so it’s pretty easy for other people to identify the costume. Soft fabric keeps your baby warm during trick-or-treating or holiday parties.

Several parents say this costume runs small, so keep that in mind when you choose a size. A couple reviewers recommend cutting the jumpsuit’s neck if you have trouble fitting your child’s head through the costume.

Design: This is one baby Halloween costume you won’t want to return to sender. A soft polyester hat protects your little one during chilly autumn nights while verifying he - or she - is really “The King.” Black booties emblazoned with “Elvis Lives” give some cred to National Enquirer’s hopeful headlines, while decorative liberty birds lend an authentic touch to this replica Aloha jumpsuit.

Reviewers warn that this cute costume runs small, so consider getting a bigger size than your child usually wears.

Accessories: Dress your baby in black booties that are perfect for doing the jailhouse rock - well, from the comfort of an infant carrier. This jumpsuit also comes with a comfortable hat.

Some reviewers gripe that this costume doesn’t have enough bling; they recommend gluing sequins and glitter to it. If you decide to go that route, please be careful. Bedazzling your little one’s Elvis costume exposes him to potential choking hazards.

Maintenance: Sorry, you’ve got to wash this polyester piece by hand rather than throwing it in the washer. Anything for The King of Rock and Roll though, right?

Price: We can’t help falling in love with the reasonable price of this officially licensed onesie. Expect to pay between $25 and $30.

Best Trendy Halloween Costume for Toddlers


Pokemon Pikachu Halloween Costume

Best Trendy Halloween Costume for Toddlers: Pokemon Pikachu Halloween Costume
95 % Editor Score
96 % User Score
99 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Soft material
  • Perfect for young Pokemon fans
  • Can be layered over other clothes

It’s an officially licensed costume, which means you’re getting the real deal for your kiddo - not some knockoff that’s more Pika-Who than Pikachu. Versatile costume encourages pretend play long after Halloween ends.

Like many of the baby and toddler Halloween costumes on our list, this one runs a bit small. Several parents also complain the hood is too tight.

Design: Bring the magic of Pokemon to your neighborhood when your toddler dons this officially licensed Pikachu costume. Thanks to a vibrant yellow body, long tail, and attached hood, it looks just like the beloved anime character.

Several reviewers say they used this costume as part of a themed family ensemble where each member of the family dressed up as a different Pokemon character. The company that makes this costume offers several other Pokemon costumes, including Ash, Charizard, and Squirtle.

Accessories: Your kiddo doesn’t need many accessories for this Pikachu costume. It comes with a hood rather than a mask, and as fellow parents, we’re thrilled. Seriously, have you ever seen a toddler keep a mask on all night?

We also dig the boot covers because it’s a hassle to cram footie-style costumes into a child’s shoes. A bright yellow tail completes the look of this kid-approved costume.

Maintenance: We recommend hand washing this costume and laying it flat to dry. Not our favorite way to do laundry, but it’s worth it to make a Pokemon-obsessed kiddo happy.

Price: Around $22 for a costume your child will adore year round. We consider that a steal!

Best Toddler Halloween Costume


California Costumes UPS Driver Toddler Costume

Best Toddler Halloween Costume: California Costumes UPS Driver Toddler Costume
98 % Editor Score
97 % User Score
92 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Great for layering
  • Comfy fit
  • Unique costume

Encourages pretend play by making your toddler feel like he’s a real UPS driver. Flexible material moves easily as your little one fills her bag with candy.

Runs a bit big, although some parents see this as a pro--it makes layering a cinch.

Design: This realistic costume looks and feels just like an authentic UPS driver’s outfit. The shirt and pants aren’t attached, so your little one can easily use the restroom. Velcro secures the shirt, so it’s perfect for kids who haven’t mastered buttons or zippers yet.

The hat and shirt both feature an official UPS logo, making your kiddo feel like an official employee.

Accessories: The only accessory is a logo hat, but this isn’t the kind of costume that requires tons of extra stuff. Send your child with a package or envelope if you want to accessorize this simple costume.

Maintenance: We recommend washing this by hand and laying it flat to dry. If you’re feeling brave, turn it inside out and wash it on your machine’s delicate cycle.

Price: For just $18, you can put a smile on your mini delivery driver’s face.

Best Baby Halloween Costume Overall


InCharacter Baby Lil' Garden Gnome Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costume Overall: InCharacter Baby Lil' Garden Gnome Costume
100 % Editor Score
99 % User Score
98 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Soft fabric
  • Warm enough for autumn nights
  • Adorable design

Fun alternative to the pumpkin-inspired costumes and fuzzy animal attire that dominate the baby Halloween scene. Also a favorite of POPSUGAR and Hearst’s Best.

Several parents complain it runs big. On a positive note, that means your son or daughter can wear it for a long time.

Design: Parents can’t stop raving about this adorable garden gnome costume. In fact, one reviewer declared that this gnome suit was the cutest costume she’s ever bought.

Kids love the bright colors and soft material. Parents get a kick out of the bushy brows and thick beard.

Parents also love that this is a practical costume with plenty of room for layering. It runs a little big, but that’s perfect if your child plans to wear it over a bodysuit and pants.

Accessories: An attached belt accents this vibrant gnome suit nicely. Slip-on booties keep your kiddo’s feet comfy and warm during a ride in the stroller, but it’s the pointed hat that really steals the show. It has an attached beard and eyebrows, plus giant gnome ears.

Maintenance: One parent explains that this costume isn’t meant for a dip in the washing machine, but you can steam it to remove odors and wrinkles.

Price: At $42, this is one of the pricier baby costumes on our list. It’s also the best.

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