6 Best Baby Formulas (Incl Organic)

6 Best Baby Formulas (Incl Organic)

The American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes that “breast is best” for the first 6 months of your baby’s life, but sometimes breastfeeding just isn’t an option. Maybe you have to return to work right away and find it difficult to maintain your supply, even though federal laws mandate that breastfeeding mothers can pump milk in privacy at their place of employment. Perhaps medical reasons - either your own or your little one’s - affected your ability to nurse your baby. There’s even the possibility that you just don’t want to breastfeed - and hey, we aren’t here to judge.  

Here’s the deal:

It’s nobody’s business if you decide to feed your baby formula, whether your tiny tot receives bottles filled with formula during every feeding or you use it occasionally to supplement breast milk. 1 in 5 mothers skip breastfeeding their kiddos from day one, and nearly 82% of breastfeeding moms admit they supplement breastmilk with formula or other food sources by the time their babies turn 6 months old.

It gets better:

The Week columnist Elissa Strauss credits formula feeding as the reason her husband is a good father who helps split parenting duties. Huffington Post blogger David Valdes Greenwood happily reports that his formula-fed daughter has evolved into an intelligent, energetic preteen. Not only that, but discover other benefits of bottle feeding your babes in this articles posted by The Stay at Home Mommy. We love that it references how moms get a well-deserved break with formula feeding because other family members can help out.

You might be wondering:

Which formula is best for my baby? Do those fancy-schmancy formula labels live up to their promises?

At Faveable, we understand that choosing the perfect formula for your little one involves thorough research - which we’ve happily done for you! We spent hours upon hours testing products, evaluating information from medical professionals, and talking to parents just like you. We focused specifically a few important factors to help you decide which baby formula to buy, including type, ingredients, ease of use, and price.

What’s the bottom line?

Every baby is different. The product your neighbor or BFF swears is the best baby formula might not be the right choice for your little one, which is why we’ve worked hard to give you accurate, detailed info on several different formula options below. We’re confident you’ll find one that your baby loves.

Okay, let’s dive right in and discuss the best baby formulas!

Why trust us: Faveable has spent thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing products to come up with carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013.