8 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers and Warmers

8 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers and Warmers

Sterilizing your baby bottle's nipple is a MUST if you want to protect your child from illness during the first vulnerable months of their life. Sterilizing kills germs and bacteria that get on the bottle nipples, pacifiers, breast pump, and other baby gear--the result of exposure to air, dirt (babies love to drop and throw their bottles/pacifiers), and even contact with your skin.

What's the easiest/safest way to sterilize?

You can always go the route of microwaving or boiling the bottle, but a bottle sterilizer is a much better choice. Not only will it SAFELY sterilize the bottle, but it will often serve a host of other functions: warming up milk, drying out the bottle, and even steaming food!

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Below, we've gathered a list of the top baby bottle sterilizer and warmers on the market. We've combed through hundreds of warmers and sterilizers, read thousands of reviews, and even tested a few ourselves to find the products that worked best. Our research has led us to the Kiinde Kozii as the top pick. Between its versatility, user-friendly design, consistent operation, and affordable price tag, it's just what you need to make life easier!

But check out all the Faves below. You'll find there are many good options at great prices, perfect to suit your needs...