5 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

5 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers


After 13 hours of research evaluating 51 products, we picked SimpleHuman Automatic Soap Dispenser as our top choice.

The CDC is VERY clear: handwashing saves lives!

Most of us only think of washing our hands after you use the restroom, but the CDC recommends washing your hands any time you're around food, before and after caring for a wound, before and after caring for someone who's sick, after blowing your nose or coughing, and the list goes on.

Washing your hands can help you to avoid contact with A LOT of germs on a daily basis.

You go out of your way to keep your house clean and your car clean, so why not take care of your hands as well? An automatic soap dispenser helps you wash without the need to touch grimy surfaces (you have no idea how many germs accumulate on bars of soap!).

Below we've collected the best automatic soap dispensers on the market to help you keep your hands beautifully clean!

5 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

  • 5. Sowden Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
  • 4. Hayden Autosoap Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser
  • 3. GOJO 273012 TFX
  • 2. OPERNEE Automatic Touchless Stainless Steel Auto-soap Dispenser
  • 1. SimpleHuman Automatic Soap Dispenser

Best Foam Soap Dispenser


Sowden Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Best Foam Soap Dispenser: Sowden Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
583 Bought
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

• Perfect for those who prefer foam soap to regular liquid soap

• Reduce soap usage by up to 75%; less waste and messes

• Get over 800 hand-washes per refill

High quality foam soap dispenser, more economical, less messy, long-lasting, 16-ounce reservoir, adjustable, energy efficient, and designed to stand alone or be wall-mounted.

The design is a bit iffy with the on/off button, as well as the volume controls.

Performance: As one of the highest-rated soap dispensers around, it makes sense we include this foam soap dispenser on our list. Foam soap is slightly different from regular soap—it delivers the same cleaning power, but uses up to 75% less actual liquid. You'll make less mess and waste less soap every time you use the dispenser. Definitely the more economical option!

The dispenser runs on two AA batteries, and you'll find there are few competing products that have as long a lifespan as this bad boy. The sensor is accurate without being oversensitive, and you can adjust the output of the foam. With the 16-ounce reservoir, you get up to 830 hand washes for each refill. It may not be the most beautiful dispenser, but it gets the job done!

Features: The dispenser comes with its own stand that keeps it steady and stable on any sink or kitchen countertop. However, there are also wall mounts if you want to save counter/sink-space. Mounting it on the wall also reduces the risk of splashes or leaks damaging the dispenser.

There are only two volume settings (low and high), but the foaming soap uses far less liquid than regular soap. The on/off button is the same as the volume settings, so you may end up turning off the dispenser when trying to fiddle with the dispensing quantity—and vice versa.

Price: At $34, this is one of the pricier models on our list. However, considering the amount of soap you'll save with each use (thanks to the foaming design), you'll find it's one of the lowest-cost options in the long run.

Most Innovative Automatic Soap Dispenser


Hayden Autosoap Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Most Innovative Automatic Soap Dispenser: Hayden Autosoap Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser
1,004 Bought
84 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

• Can be used for both soap and hand sanitizer

• Three simple one-touch volume settings to adjust dispensing quantity

• Compatible with ANY soap of ANY brand

Adjustable dispensing quantity, smudge-resistant stainless steel exterior, classy design, sleek, versatile, compatible with all brands of liquid soap and sanitizer, and reliable.

The battery compartment is not waterproof, and the sensor is a bit over-sensitive.

Performance: This is the only quality soap dispenser designed to dispense both liquid soap and hand sanitizer. Whether you use it for commercial or residential uses, the durable stainless steel shell will protect it from damage. The shell is also smudge- and fingerprint-resistant, as well as grime-resistant.

The sleek appearance of the soap dispenser is the perfect complement to any modern residential or commercial décor. You'll find it's one of the simplest and sturdiest of the automatic soap dispensers around.

Features: The sensor is designed to trigger the dispenser when your hand is placed beneath the spout. It tends to be a tad over-sensitive, so it may lead to accidental triggers. However, once you get used to keeping your hands away from the sensor, you'll find it works well without making a mess.

The one-touch volume adjustment buttons allow you to fiddle with the amount of soap dispensed. You can refill the dispenser with soap of any brand, as well as most liquid hand sanitizers. It even comes with an on/off button that allows you to conserve battery life when you're away from home. The raised base will prevent contact with any water on the counter or sink top. And with a 280 ml soap reservoir, you have more than enough for months of regular use.

Be warned: the battery compartment isn't fully waterproof. If you use it near a sink, there's a risk of water leaking in and destroying the dispenser.

Price: The $30 price tag on this soap dispenser is very reasonable, considering its versatility and quality. It's perfect for dispensing both soap and hand sanitizer, and is tough enough for both residential and commercial use.

Best Commercial Automatic Soap Dispenser


GOJO 273012 TFX

Best Commercial Automatic Soap Dispenser: GOJO 273012 TFX
346 Bought
86 % Editor Score
87 % User Score

Why People Love it

• Ideal for medical clinics and commercial restrooms

• Durable design, highly reliable, and easy to use

• Dispenses just the right amount of soap

Touch-free design, ADA-compliant, CE and UL-qualified, comes with a 3-year warranty, easy to refill, durable, user-friendly, and can be easily mounted on any wall.

Refills are expensive, and it's only compatible with GOJO brand soap.

Performance: If you're looking for an automatic soap dispenser to use in your office, clinic, or hotel, this is the one you want. It's durable, easy to mount on the wall, and highly reliable. The touch-free design makes the soap dispensing instant and simple. You may not be able to adjust the amount of soap dispensed, but it delivers just the right amount for washing your hands.

The dispenser is ADA-compliant (for users with disabilities), and is both CE and UL-qualified. Refilling the dispenser is a breeze, though you'll ONLY be able to use GOJO-brand soap cartridges for this dispenser. It's not the most versatile, but definitely the most reliable for commercial use.

Features: The design is simple: wave your hand beneath the sensor to trigger the pump to dispense soap. It takes a second or two, but the sensor is highly accurate and reliable. You'll find the dispenser is good for use by children and adults alike.

The soap dispenser is easy to pop open so you can remove and replace empty cartridges. The touch-free design ensures you never need to contaminate your hands with germs when dispensing soap. It's a no-frills dispenser that delivers consistency and quality.

Price: At $25, this is a very well-priced soap dispenser. It comes with a 3-year warranty that covers any and all defects. However, be warned: it's only compatible with GOJO-brand soap, which can be pricey. You will end up spending a bit more on the soap for this dispenser than you would with the others on this list.

Most Long-Lasting Touchless Soap Dispenser


OPERNEE Automatic Touchless Stainless Steel Auto-soap Dispenser

Most Long-Lasting Touchless Soap Dispenser: OPERNEE Automatic Touchless Stainless Steel Auto-soap Dispenser
1,660 Bought
93 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

• Japanese innovation and design; use up to 15,000 times

• Highly efficient sensors with good sensitivity adjustment

• Durable, waterproof, and designed to survive regular use

Long lifespan, durable, waterproof, anti-leakage design, reduces mess, sensors not too sensitive, adjustable, and features multiple dispensing settings.

This dispenser does not have the best battery life, and some reviewers report quality control issues.

Performance: For those who want a long-lasting automatic soap dispenser, this is a good option. The battery life may not be the best, but you'll find the Japanese-designed sensor is highly efficient. You get about 15,000 uses from the sensor. With the waterproof stainless steel and ABS plastic shell, you know the dispenser can handle any use by your family.

The dispenser runs on 4 AAA batteries, which means it will run out of juice more often than other dispensers. Some users have complained that the sensors break quickly, but this is more a quality control issue than a flaw in the design. Overall, it's a reliable, long-lasting soap dispenser that will last for years to come.

Features: The anti-leak design will reduce messes and drips when you dispense soap. You have three options to adjust the amount of soap dispensed by the appliance. The highest setting is great if you're using the dispenser at a place of work (like a butcher's shop), while the lowest setting is perfect for home use (in the bathroom).

The sensor is sensitive and will trigger when you put your hands beneath the spout. The base is fully waterproof, designed to protect the batteries from getting wet when used in your bathroom or kitchen. It's a reliable, simple, and user-friendly soap dispenser that gets the job done.

Price: At $20, this is the cheapest soap dispenser on our list. The quality and long-lasting design makes it a well-priced option indeed! 

Best Overall Automatic Soap Dispenser


SimpleHuman Automatic Soap Dispenser

Best Overall Automatic Soap Dispenser: SimpleHuman Automatic Soap Dispenser
2,605 Bought
96 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

• More precise control over dosage; better soap conservation

• Durable and user-friendly design

• Reduce messes while delivering consistent results

Few accidental triggers, efficient design, durable, long-lasting, better dosage control, conserve soap, no messes, and stays clean.

No on/off button, and reviewers are not crazy about the plastic shell.

Performance: If you're looking for an economical, highly efficient automatic soap dispenser, look no further than this bad boy. It's durable, long-lasting (runs of 4 AA batteries), and delivers an excellent quality soap dispenser to keep in your bathrooms and kitchen. Thanks to the no-drip silicone valve, you'll never need to worry about messes.

Compared to other automatic soap dispensers, this one has few "accidental triggers". The sensor is designed to only detect your hand when it's very close, so you shouldn't have to worry about the dispenser being triggered when brushing your teeth or washing your hands. All in all, it's the most user-friendly soap dispenser around. The plastic shell may not be as hardcore as stainless steel, but it's tough enough for residential use.

Features: The SimpleHuman soap dispenser offers you total control over the dose size. While other dispensers only give you a few options, this one has a greater variety of dose sizes, all of which can be adjusted with the "+" and "-" buttons.

The dispenser will spit out the soap in less than a second, so no need to wait when washing your hands. The wide opening makes it easy for you to refill the dispenser. You get about 1 year of battery life from the battery, depending on use.

Price: At $40, this is one of the pricier soap dispensers on our list. However, after extensive testing and comparing the SimpleHuman soap dispenser with competitors, it's clear that this bad boy is worth every penny. It's more effective, more intuitive, and simpler than you'll find with other soap dispensers.

Automatic Soap Dispenser Buying Guide 

You may have noticed automatic soap dispensers in hotels or fancy restaurants. Keeping your hands clean is one hygienic routine that's especially important. Because hand hygiene prevents infections, kills germs and microbes, various soap dispensers entered the market.

Whether it be at home, at the office, in a restaurant, or in a clinic, washing your hands can’t be underestimated. The cool news is that automatic soap dispensers are offered in so many shapes, styles, and colors that there’s a great choice for everyone!

Today, you don’t need to step into a 5-star hotel to use the most amazing automatic soap dispenser — convenient, easy-to-use models are now available for your home — and can easily be placed into the bathroom or the kitchen, accessible to everyone in the home, kids included.

Washing hands throughout the day becomes fun as automatic soap dispenser provide you the best experience. So why do you need to wash your hands? What are the great mechanisms behind the automatic dispensers? How do you choose the best soap dispenser? Let’s explore.

Why It’s Important to Wash Your hHands

In today's modern societies, you are exposed to more bacteria spreading than ever before — whether it be in the metro, at school — or in public places such as bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. 

Here are some important facts you need to remember for washing your hands:

Following strict hand hygiene could stop some diseases from spreading. Germs can easily get onto your hands and can quickly reach other people — or into your eyes or mouth — causing infections. Washing hands prevents illnesses and kills germs, allowing you to remain healthy.

Did you know that washing hands reduces the number of people contracting diarrhea by 20%? Furthermore, some studies have shown that cleaning your hands lowers respiratory illnesses by 16%. If you have children, it’s even more important to pay attention to clean hands with caution: children with washed, cleaned hands are less likely to miss school as gastrointestinal diseases don’t happen.

How Does an Automatic Soap Dispenser Work?

Automatic soaps dispensers are a great innovation — and help keep your hands clean easily. Thanks to the technology used in developing them, you don’t need to push on any button, and second, you can have fun cleaning your hands as the soap gently enters your hands without any effort. So what’s so cool about automatic soap dispensers? 


Choose a soap dispenser according to the capacity. Determine how many people are in your family — or clients visit your hotel as a starting point. Usually, automatic dispensers will feature the following sizes:

700 ml: A common refill size, suitable for smaller areas of your room or kitchen. 

1 liter: You may use 1-liter capacity soap dispenser often, as it’s a regular size for small homes and hotels. 

1.5 liter: You can use this intermediate size for a bigger kitchen or a larger bathroom. 

2 liters: You would find this larger size in clinic or restaurant where more people use the dispenser as they wash their hands. 

Custom-made size: For a smaller unit — a larger one, you can contact a designer and arrange your custom size. If you use a deck-mounted automatic dispenser, you will need to customize the size according to the shape of your washbasin. 


Free-standing, wall-mounted, and deck-mounted formats of all sizes are available for modern automatic soap dispensers. These dispensers are commonly made of plastic — yet many models are made of chrome, steel or aluminum.

Free-standing dispensers stand by themselves and can be placed where’s convenient for you — in the home or in the office, making it easy for everyone to access it. 

Pros: Convenient, you can place this automatic dispenser pretty much anywhere in your home where a lean surface is available. 

Cons: Children can grab and play with it. These automatic dispensers canget stolen. 

Wall-mounted dispensers are trendy and utterly cool. They are attached with screws or adhesive. 

Pros: Wall-mounted dispensers are extremely functional. They easily fit the walls of your kitchen, bathroom, or entrances and cannot be broken, stolen, or damaged. They can be removed if needed. 

Cons: You need to put holes in the walls — please make sure you are happy with it! 

Deck-mounted dispensers fit the shape of your bathroom and washbasins accordingly. If you are a design-freak, then this format is for you.

Pros: The luxurious design can be achieved alongside more precious materials such as nickel. These dispensers are flamboyant and fit perfectly in any hotel room with stunning architecture and design. 

Cons: The cost is likely to be the cons. And if you are looking for an easy-to-grab soap dispenser, then this shape isn’t for you!

Soap or foam 

If you wish to make your own foaming hand-soaps, go for it. But if you use an automatic dispenser, you will need to carefully choose between the following: foam, liquid, or powder soaps.

Foam soap: Rich and creamy soap for the most intimate comfort. Microbubbles are injected into the soap dispenser, providing a memorable experience, sparkling all your senses. This soap is also my favorite since it contains some liquid soap but because it’s diluted, you can use less soap, making it convenient and economical. Less soap is used per hand so if you want to pick a great and long-lasting option, foam soap is your go-to. 

Pros: You will enjoy a sensational experience as the foam enters your hands— and smoothly washes them. The other benefits of foam hand soaps is that they are environmentally friendly products and pretty much economical. As one foam suffices to clean your entire hands, automatic foam soap dispensers are perfect if you are green-oriented. 

Cons: May need to be refilled quickly. 

Liquid soap: Can come into a variety of fragrances and colors. Choose a hypoallergenic liquid soap for your automatic dispenser. 

Pros: Easy-to-use and to get, and for all the colors and fragrances. 

Cons: The texture is less appealing than the foam soap. Liquid soaps are less economical and you may run out of it quicker as more hands are cleaned. 

Powder soap: Gently use powder soap to get clean hands. 

Pros: If you like no mess in your kitchen or your bathroom, then the powder soap is the best.

Cons: I’m just a big fan of the foam option as no texture equals the comfort of the foam.

What is the Technology Used for Modern Automatic Dispensers?

The modern technology to create super, long-lasting automatic dispenser has evolved and today, you may find the following features:

Infrared sensors: Ultrasounds and microwaves capture the light displayed by the movement of your hands and trigger the soap dispenser. If you place your hands below the dispenser, the pulse is detected, yet, when you remove the hands, the dispenser will automatically stop. 

This technology is great since it removes the use to push on any button, but if you are not familiar with it, you may lose some time trying to adjust the right distance between your hands and the dispenser. Observe those around you, and you will quickly understand how to place your hands. 

Photosensors: This technology is the most common and accessible to all, and used infrared technology. A source of light and a laser beam is capable of capturing the movements of your hands and dispense soap accordingly. Keep your hands still and in place below the dispenser to allow sufficient time to the dispenser to “see” your hands.

Air induction technology: Patented by Simplehuman soap producer, a Californian manufacturer of homeware and beauty tools, this technology infuses microbubbles into the soap, through high-intensity. You can control the air that’s infused and enjoy one of the easiest and greatest technology to clean the hands. 

LCD displays: A great addition to automatic dispensers and showcase the amount of soap left into the dispenser. 

What are the Benefits of an Automatic Soap Dispenser?

A great benefit of using an automatic soap dispenser — over a manual soap dispenser or even a bar of soap — is to stop the contamination between users. As you don’t need to touch anything on an automatic soap dispenser, no bacteria can spread. 

Automatic soap dispensers, overall, are the future and just convenient, and if you have a great taste for good design, you can have fun finding the nicest materials, shapes, and colors of your dispenser. 

How Do You Fix an Automatic Soap Dispenser? 

General maintenance

If you want to have your soap dispenser for a while, don’t forget to apply some basic maintenance to it.

Turn the dispenser off, open the lid and empty the dispenser. Clean the tank, then adjust it back to the wall or your preferred location. 

Trigger the dispenser several times and check that everything works fine. 

Broken dispenser

If, unfortunately, someone has broken the dispenser, then check out the warranty policy, contact the manufacturer or the seller, and consider replacing it. 

Final tips

Allow a free space of up to 6 inches below the soap dispenser so your hands can reach it.

Play with design and colors: automatic soap dispensers add modern design and that simply makes a room great.

Let children use the automatic dispenser yet explain to them how they differ from a traditional pump dispenser so they don’t break anything.

Think about cleaning your automatic dispenser from time to time and refill accordingly. 

Consider the add-ons and complementary accessories to put in your kitchen or bathroom. For example, towels or papers to clean your hands should be within accessible reach. 

After you clean your hands, dry them with a towel (towels are preferred to hand-dryers as they don’t "burn" the hands), apply some moisturizing lotion to leave you with fresh, clean hands. 

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