10 Best Airlines in the World

10 Best Airlines in the World


After 18 hours of research evaluating 224 products, we picked Singapore Airlines as our top choice.

For many of us, flying is a huge part of life—both personally and professionally. While cost is key, it is imperative to look beyond the price to other factors when searching for the best airline to travel with, as that may help make or break your travel experience.

So, Where To Begin?

In order to make your search for the perfect airline slightly less daunting, we’ve compiled a list of the most luxurious airlines in the world (with a few budget friendly options as well).

How To Make The Most Of Your Travel Miles:

And, if you’re a frequent flyer looking to rack up miles for as much free travel as possible, we’d recommend checking out one of our best travel rewards credit cards.

More specifically we’ve created a list of the best airline credit cards and best hotel credit cards as well, to help you more easily select the card and loyalty program that makes the most sense for you.

Happy flying!

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infographic: 10 Best Airlines in the World