11 Best Onesies for Adults

11 Best Onesies for Adults


After 11 hours of research evaluating 65 products, we picked SkylineWears Men's Fashion Onesie as our top choice.

Anyone who tells you onesies are only for babies is 100% wrong! A onesie for adults combine the warmth of snuggly pajamas with the practicality of a one-piece outfit. It's the perfect way to stay cozy and warm all evening long.

Yes, an adult onesie can be cool, comfortable and, quite simply, awesome!

The perfect winter clothing!

Want something to lounge around in on those chilly weekends in? Get an adult onesie! Need something for your Christmas office party? An ugly sweater onesie! Looking for the outfit to wear when opening presents on Christmas day? An onesie for adults, of course!

You know you want one…

Now that we've established why you need an adult onesie, it's time you pick the perfect one for you. We've done the hard work of finding you the best adult onesie choices, with a style and comfort option for everyone. Whether you want stylish, super-warm, funny, or a gag gift, our list of the best adult onesies will be just what you need!

11 Best Onesies for Adults

  • 11. Emolly Fashion Unicorn Onesie
  • 10. Silver Lilly Unisex Dinosaur Adult Pajamas
  • 9. Star Wars Men's Bobas Jumpsuit
  • 8. Adult New Purple Unicorn Onesie Pajamas
  • 7. Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece Onesie
  • 6. Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Fair Isle Blue Adult Jumpsuit
  • 5. Totally Pink Women's Warm and Cozy Plush Adult Onesie
  • 4. Juicy Couture Luxe Velour Jumpsuit
  • 3. Alexander Del Rossa Mens Fleece Onesie
  • 2. Forever Lazy Unisex Footed Adult Onesie
  • 1. SkylineWears Men's Fashion Onesie

Best Costume Onesie


Emolly Fashion Unicorn Onesie

Best Costume Onesie: Emolly Fashion Unicorn Onesie
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313 Bought
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The perfect outfit for pajamas, costumes, and cosplaying
  • Super soft, beautifully comfortable
  • Warm; great for end-of-year costume parties

Perfect for a Halloween costume or cosplaying, super comfortable, bright colors, soft fabric, unisex, plush polar fleece, warm, side pockets included, unicorn tail and horn, no itching or overheating ever again!

Sizes run large, particularly in the drop crotch.

Style: This classic onesie is made to resemble a unicorn, complete with the bright colors, tail on the seat, and a horn and ears on the hood. It’s decorated with bright yellow, purple, pink, and blue, making it an eye-catching onesie that will stand out from the crowd.

Which is exactly why it’s so great as a costume! Not only does it make an awesome Halloween costume, but it can be used for cosplaying—the unisex design means it’s suitable for guys and girls alike. It’s warm enough that you can wear it outside the house around Halloween, and you’ll find it’s wonderfully comfortable for lounging around the living room during the cold winter.

Material: The material is polar fleece, a super soft polyester fabric that is both lightweight and surprisingly warm. The fleece is beautifully soft to the touch and you’ll never worry about itching, rubbing, or overheating. The onesie comes with two side pockets so you can carry your phone, keys, and other knickknacks, and a hood to protect you from the autumn chill.

Price: At around $30, this is one of the best-priced onesies on our list. It’s bright, colorful, and attention-grabbing—everything you want from both a pair of pajamas and a cosplay outfit!

Funniest Adult Onesie


Silver Lilly Unisex Dinosaur Adult Pajamas

Funniest Adult Onesie: Silver Lilly Unisex Dinosaur Adult Pajamas
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252 Bought
76 % Editor Score
84 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A funny, cute dinosaur onesie for that costume or pajama party
  • Super-soft and warm material
  • Loose-fitting and comfortable around the house

Adorable dinosaur, soft and cozy, complete with teeth and spiked tail, great for pajamas and costume parties, button up closure, can be worn over other clothes, loose fit, and suitable for most adult sizes.

Polyester needs to be hand-washed and laid flat to dry.

Style: If you want cute, you can't beat this! The dinosaur onesie—complete with dino eyes, teeth, spines, and spiked tail—will be a total winner at any costume party, but it's comfortable and soft enough for sleepwear as well.

The button closure is ideal for guys who don't want to zip themselves up in their onesie (trust us, it HURTS!). The sizes are suitable for men and women between 4' 9" and 6' 2", and the non-footie design makes it ideal for wearing shoes, slippers, and sandals.

Material: The onesie is made of 100% polyester, and it will keep you warm in the winter. Sadly, it takes a bit of work to keep it clean—it's recommended you hand-wash and dry flat rather than running it through the machine.

Price: Starting at $30, this is slightly on the pricier side of the onesie scale, but absolutely worth it for an adorable costume/pair of pajamas!

Best Adult Onesie for Geeks


Star Wars Men's Bobas Jumpsuit

Best Adult Onesie for Geeks: Star Wars Men's Bobas Jumpsuit
Get from Amazon
265 Bought
79 % Editor Score
84 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Be the most bad-ass bounty hunter in the galaxy!
  • Go from lounge to bed to the mall in the same outfit
  • Super comfortable, soft, and breathable

Dress like the coolest Star Wars character, comfortable to wear, very warm, non-footed design, full-body zipper closure, machine-washable, breathable, and great for indoor and outdoor use.

Sizes may not be accurate.

Style: The style of this jumpsuit is more loungewear than pajamas, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s sleeker and slimmer than your typical onesie, so it will be comfortable in bed or on the couch but stylish enough that you can wear it out of the house without looking messy. The non-footed design ensures you can slip on shoes to go out.

Best of all, you get to look like the coolest (even though lesser-known) character in Star Wars: the bad-ass bounty hunter Boba Fett. The suit itself looks like his Mandalorian battle armor, and the hood completes the outfit with the classic green helmet.

Material: The material is a mixture of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The addition of cotton into this jumpsuit means its breathable and durable, yet the polyester makes it lightweight and fairly warm. Though it’s not a cold winter suit, it’s great for keeping out a late fall or early spring chill—and looking geek-chic at the same time!

Price: At $50, this is one of the pricier options on our list, but that’s par for the course when you buy licensed Star Wars merch. It’s also one of the comfiest, most versatile, and longest-lasting, making it a product worth every penny!

Best Kigurumi Onesie


Adult New Purple Unicorn Onesie Pajamas

Best Kigurumi Onesie: Adult New Purple Unicorn Onesie Pajamas
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438 Bought
81 % Editor Score
86 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The mixture of polar fleece and flannel guarantee a warm winter
  • Well-priced
  • Unisex, convenient design

UNICORN!!! 100% polar fleece and flannel combo, super warm, affordable, pockets to store your phone or keys, non-footie design, machine-washable, loose fit, plus intricate detailing on the head, body, and tail.

Designed for shorter wearers, the sizes run small and short.

Style: The word "kigurumi" refers to the popular Japanese practice of "wearing stuffed animals". Kigurumi onesies were traditionally used by performers, but they've become adopted as the perfect winter pajamas for lounging. This unicorn onesie is the perfect choice if you're a fan of relaxed comfort and warmth.

Be warned: it's sized for shorter wearers, so taller men and women may find it's a bit short in the legs.

The details on the hood, body, and tail will make you look like a proper unicorn stuffed animal, and the colors are bright (blue, purple, pink, etc.) enough for the most eclectic tastes. The non-footie design makes it comfortable for lounging or even using as a costume for Comic-Con or anime conventions!

Material: The onesie is made of 100% polar fleece, with a flannel lining that is super soft to the touch and beautifully warm. There is even a built-in pocket to store your phone, keys, or knickknacks when lounging around the house.

Price: At $27, this is one of the best-priced adult onesies on our list. It's super warm, super comfy, and, above all, super cute and stylish!

Warmest Adult Onesie


Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece Onesie

Warmest Adult Onesie: Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece Onesie
Get from Amazon
746 Bought
84 % Editor Score
89 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The perfect way to stay warm and cozy all winter
  • Soft and super comfortable
  • Durable, versatile, and useful for lounging or sleeping

Super warm microfleece fabric, zip-off feet, no-slip grip on the booties, drawstring hood, sleek and stylish, soft, comfortable to wear all day long, and great for cold weather.

Collects lint and sizes may run long in the torso.

Style: If you’re looking for comfort and warmth, give this onesie a try. Not only is it super warm, but it’s a good-looking, fairly stylish option. It looks a bit like a track suit, but without the elastic waistbands. Most user reviews find that it’s fairly well-sized, however a few say that the torso runs a bit long. The fact that there’s no elastic waistband means the onesie is super comfortable. If you want to make it a pair of pajamas, the booties and hood (which are awesome addition, might we add) can simply be removed to turn it into a more comfortable set of lounging clothing. All in all, highly versatile and amazingly comfy!

Material: The onesie is made of 100% polyester microfiber fleece, a material that is super soft to the touch and amazingly gentle on your skin. It’s warm enough that you’ll never need to wear pajamas around the house again.

On the downside, microfiber collects lint like nothing else, and some users found the polyester to be a bit too warm for use as a pajama. However, if you’re living in cold climates and need something to keep out the chill, without cranking up your heating unit, this is your top pick!

Price: At $30, this is a pretty well-priced item of clothing. It’s durable, super comfortable, and warm—everything you want in an adult onesie!

Best Ugly Sweater Onesie


Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Fair Isle Blue Adult Jumpsuit

Best Ugly Sweater Onesie: Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Fair Isle Blue Adult Jumpsuit
Get from Amazon
713 Bought
86 % Editor Score
89 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The perfect option for winning your Ugly Christmas Sweater party
  • Super comfortable and warm
  • A highly practical onesie you can wear all year long

Soft material, stylish despite the "ugly sweater" pattern, comfortable no-footie design, elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, warm, comfortable, and unisex design.

Tight in the crotch for men.

Style: The pajama style of this onesie (no footies) makes it perfect for lounging around the house, but you can wear shoes to dress up and head to the office for that Ugly Christmas Sweater party. The blue background and white reindeer will be the ideal pattern to take gold for "ugliest sweater", but on its own it's actually a fairly stylish option.

The elastic cuffs at the ankles and wrists will keep you warm through the winter, and the extra-large hood will be comfortable for lounging. However, men be warned: the sizes tend to run a bit small, especially in the crotch.

Material: Made of 80% cotton, this onesie is surprisingly warm. Plus, the hood has a soft fleece lining that will keep your head cozy all winter long.

Price: At $70, this is one of the pricier onesies on our list, but a definite ringer if you want to win any Ugly Christmas Sweater competition!

Best Women's Pajama Onesie


Totally Pink Women's Warm and Cozy Plush Adult Onesie

Best Women's Pajama Onesie: Totally Pink Women's Warm and Cozy Plush Adult Onesie
Get from Amazon
510 Bought
89 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Great for sleepwear and daywear
  • Colorful, playful prints and patterns great for women
  • Ultra soft and cozy pajama onesies

Stylish, enhances feminine curves, great color selection for women, adorable design, extra cozy, elastic cuffs at the wrists and ankles, soft fleece, and allows you to stay snuggled and warm all night long.

Not the most durable material.

Style: The loose-fit onesie makes an excellent pair of pajamas, but it's also comfortable for a day of TV binge-watching. The ribbed elastic cuffs make it easy for you to roll up your sleeves to wash dishes or to wear the onesie with shoes/boots. Whether you want to do nothing all day long or get something done on your days off, this is the onesie for you.

It comes in a broad selection of female-friendly colors and patterns—from multi-colored plaid to colorful leopard print to pink zebra stripes to polka dots. Each onesie comes with little "ears" on the hood, making you look absolutely adorable in your super-comfy pajamas.

Material: The fleece feels like a soft, fluffy blanket, making it the perfect sleepwear to stay warm on a cold night. However, it's lightweight enough that you can move around without feeling stifled or like you've got a blanket draped over you. The material is very plush and luxurious on your skin, making it great to wear without anything but a bra and underwear beneath.

Price: At $28, this is one of the best-priced options on our list. You'll find this onesie is exactly what you need to stay warm AND stylish this winter!

Best High-End Stylish Adult Onesie


Juicy Couture Luxe Velour Jumpsuit

Best High-End Stylish Adult Onesie: Juicy Couture Luxe Velour Jumpsuit
91 % Editor Score
93 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A good-looking, highly stylish adult onesie
  • Sleek, soft, and super comfortable
  • Durable, long-lasting material

Velvety soft velour, easy-zip front, jewel-encrusted zipper, slouchy fit, front pockets, drawstring tie for the stretch waist, plus casual and comfortable.

Not warm enough for cold weather and very pricey.

Style: The style of these onesie pajamas is actually more like a velour track suit than your typical adult onesie. They’re not saggy, baggy, or droopy, but the onesie fits nicely with a sleek cut that will look surprisingly good all day long. It makes for wonderful loungewear, but many users say they leave the house wearing the onesie because it looks very stylish.

The slouchy fit makes it great for comfort, yet it’s not too relaxed. The easy-zip front makes it easy to slip on and off, and its jewel-encrusted zipper adds an elegant flair. Thanks to the stretch waist and drawstring, you can make it as comfortable or classy as you want.

Material: The jumpsuit is made from soft velour, a synthetic material that is lightweight and super gentle on your skin. It’s not the most durable or warmest material, but it definitely looks good. You’ll find it makes an awesome indoor and outdoor choice!

Price: At $230, this is definitely a high-end product, pricier than the rest of our onesies. However,  given its durability, sleek style, and supreme comfort, it’s a price worth paying!

Comfiest Adult Onesie


Alexander Del Rossa Mens Fleece Onesie

Comfiest Adult Onesie: Alexander Del Rossa Mens Fleece Onesie
Get from Amazon
933 Bought
94 % Editor Score
95 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A super comfortable and soft onesie
  • Great for even the coldest winters
  • Can be worn under clothes; indoor and outdoor use

Super soft material, plush comfort, stylish, big pockets, warm microfleece, feet can be removed, no-slip grip, hood drawstring, and can be worn underneath your clothing.

Sizes run small and it's not the most durable onesie on our list.

Style: This adult onesie comes with a drawstring hood that allows you to pull it tight over your head, keeping out any chills in the air. The onesie is plush and soft to the touch, and you'll find it's one of the warmest on our list. Thanks to the deep pockets, you can keep your hands snug all day long.

The footie pajama style is excellent for guys who want to keep their feet warm, and the no-slip grip on the bottom of the feet will give you good traction on the ground. However, if you want to convert it to a classic pajama, the feet can be unzipped and removed.

Material: This onesie is made of polyester microfiber fleece that is super warm and plush. You'll find it's incredibly cozy to bundle up in this onesie on a cold winter's day.

Sadly, the fabric itself isn't the most durable. A number of reviewers commented that the onesie arrived ripped, the seams came apart easily, or washing the onesie in the machine caused it to break quickly.

Price: Starting at $40, this is slightly on the pricier side. However, it can be used as an indoor and outdoor onesie, either on its own or beneath your clothes. All in all, despite its durability issues, it's a good option to consider!

Best Adult Onesie for Guys


Forever Lazy Unisex Footed Adult Onesie

Best Adult Onesie for Guys: Forever Lazy Unisex Footed Adult Onesie
Get from Amazon
843 Bought
96 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A super comfortable, super warm onesie that's ideal for lounging
  • Easy access for bathroom trips
  • Stay toasty and cozy all winter long

Bro-friendly style, super soft, anti-pilling fabric, baggy and relaxed fit, unisex sizing, double-pull front zipper, opens from both ends for easy access, zippered drop seat, very warm, well-sized for guys with large feet, and perfect for pajamas.

While a fun (and handy) feature, the zipper on the drop seat is irritating while seated.

Style: The "bro-friendly" style means it's large and loose enough for lounging, with patterns/designs that guys will love. From beer mugs to funny monkeys to rocket ships to tie-dyed to U.S. flag to skull and bones, you'll be able to find the design that matches your style. Or, opt for a solid color (blue, white, red, black etc.) for a simpler fashion statement.

The footed onesies are unisex, and come in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. The deep side pockets allow you to store your phone, car keys, and other knick knacks while lounging. Thanks to the rear zipper drop seat and the double-pull, dual-open front zipper, you'll never have problems getting to the bathroom in a hurry.

Material: The onesie is made of 100% polyester fleece, so it will be warm—in fact, some users insist that they overheat because of how insulated this onesie is. If you're the kind of guy who runs hot, you may need to turn down the heater a few degrees when in this onesie.

The fabric is pill-resistant, and the colors won't run or fade with regular washing. The material won't sag with use, but it will be a good-looking onesie for years to come.

Price: Starting at $40, this is a bit higher in price than you'd expect, but a great option for guys who want something to match their style. Plus, it's AMAZINGLY warm, so you can save a bit on your winter electric bill.

Best Adult Onesie Overall


SkylineWears Men's Fashion Onesie

Best Adult Onesie Overall: SkylineWears Men's Fashion Onesie
Get from Amazon
1,927 Bought
100 % Editor Score
98 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The perfect winter outfit for lazy days in
  • Surprisingly stylish options; looks good enough to go outdoors in
  • Comfortable, super warm, and made to last

Stylish, super comfortable, non-footie design, knitted fleece, easy to put on/take off, sturdy, soft inner lining, pockets included, good sizes, length and width ideal, zipper in two parts for easy access, fun and funny!

The hood is too small to be comfortably worn when on the couch/in bed.

Style: This adult onesie is one of the most stylish you'll find, thanks to its non-footie design. You'll look like a proper adult rather than a big baby, and the onesie can be worn with boots, shoes, and sandals. For those who overheat easily, it's an awesome style option. Plus, it's even got pockets to carry all your stuff!

The onesie looks like a stylish Christmas sweater married a colorful pair of sweat pants. It's surprisingly durable, yet the inner lining is super soft and warm. The dual zippers allow you to slip in and out of this onesie easily or use the bathroom without having to totally disrobe. The zipper is very durable, and you'll find this is one of the highest quality onesies on the market.

Material: The onesie is made of 50% knitted fleece and 50% polyester. The knitted fleece is super soft and warm, while the polyester traps heat close to your body. You'll find it's a highly durable onesie, capable of being used indoors and for outside work.

You can wear shorts and a T-shirt/tank top beneath, or wear just your boxers to avoid overheating. It's the perfect onesie to wear for some hardcore winter lounging!

Price: Starting at $30, this is slightly on the pricey side, but definitely the best value onesie on our list. You get durability and style for a reasonable price tag, and the onesie will last for many winters to come!

Faveable Expert Tips

                                                  Adult Onesie Buying Guide 

Choosing a Fabric                                                                                                                

The type of fabric you choose will determine your onesie’s durability, comfort, and level of warmth. 

Fleece – A fleece onesie is soft, comfy, and will keep you warmer than any other material. It may be too toasty for temperate climates. Fleece is ideal for very cold to frigid weather.  

Cotton – Onesies made from cotton are very breathable, meaning they let in air. Because of this, they aren’t as snug and warm as fleece. The softness and comfort of cotton make it a popular fabric for onesies. 

Polyester – Like cotton, polyester is a breathable fabric that won’t make you overly warm. Though not as soft as cotton, polyester is generally more durable. Because it’s a synthetic (man-made) material, it’s less prone to shrinking. Also, polyester onesies dry quicker than onesies made from other fabrics. This can be beneficial if you plan to wear your onesie outdoors.  

Flannel – This fabric is ideal if you like the breathability of cotton with the warmth and snugness of fleece. Flannel onesies are sturdy yet lightweight.  

Choosing a Style 

Footed or Footless                                                                                                                When buying a onesie, you’ll want to take into account how cold your feet can get. This will depend on the climate, the type of flooring you’ll be walking on, and your general predisposition to cold. Footed onesies keep your feet cozy, but they can be uncomfortable during warmer days. The undersides of footed onesies tend to get dirty and wet easily. Putting on slippers in a onesie can be clumsy and cumbersome. If you prefer to wear slippers, go for a footless onesie.  

Hooded or Hoodless                                                                                                              There are really no downsides to hooded onesies because you can choose to put up the hood or leave it down. Onesies are typically designed for indoor wear so beyond keeping your neck and ears warm, hoods provide little practical purpose. A hood is most effective on humorous and playfully-designed onesies. Those bunny ears or unicorn horns sewn onto the hood will definitely complete the look. So, going hooded or hoodless is entirely up to your design preference. 

Back Flap or No Back Flap                                                                                                    Having to go to the restroom in a onesie is its biggest drawback. To make your trip to the john a little more convenient, choose a onesie with a back flap. If you don’t mind taking off your onesie to relieve yourself, by all means, go for a flapless design. Do note that onesies with backflaps are becoming increasingly rare so flapless models should present a wider array of choices. 

Zippers or Snaps                                                                                                                    Zippers fasten more effortlessly and securely. But if they break, they’re more difficult to repair or replace. Snaps are more durable, but they can frequently come undone. With high-quality, well-built onesies, neither should be a problem.       

Choosing a Design 

Fun Onesies                                                                                                                          Onesies wouldn’t be as popular without the fun and silly designs. The designs consist of everything from animals, superheroes, cartoon characters to ninjas and mythical creatures like unicorns. Fun onesies can be worn to costume parties, office parties, sleepovers, and other gatherings. They also make for great gifts for family and friends. Most onesies with fun designs aren’t the best choice for sleepwear. That dinosaur tail, unicorn horn, or shark fin will get in the way of a good night’s sleep.  

Fashion Onesies                                                                                                                Once confined to childrens wear, onesies have become more popular with adults. Famous brands are coming out with stylish adult onesies for the more fashion-conscious. The designs feature prints with bold stripes, polka dots, ethnic and tribal patterns, winter themes, and adventurous color schemes. There are even form-fitting onesies and onesies for evening casual wear. 

Which Size Should I Choose? 

Sizing for adult onesies is a bit different than sizing for separates. Onesies that are too tight can hinder your movement. Also, overly snug onesies may tear at stress points, break the zippers, or cause the snaps to come undone more often. This is why some people prefer to buy a onesie that’s a size or two larger. For fun onesies which are mostly baggy and loose-fitting, sizing won’t be much of an issue. But to be on the safe side, always go for a onesie that’s one size larger and never one size smaller. 

Choosing your size for footed onesies is trickier. See to it that the feet on the onesie aren’t too large or too tiny for your feet. Of equal consideration is the length of a footed onesie. Buying a footed onesie that’s too long can render unwearable unless you snip off below the ankles or have it repaired, which can cost a pretty penny. 

Caring for Your Onesie 

Onesies, especially those with fun designs and various appendages (tails, ears, horns, etc.) are remarkable pieces of design and craftsmanship. Some can be quite pricey. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to care for them in order to make them last. 

Read the Label: Almost every piece of clothing has a care label sewn onto it. Read the instructions carefully and follow it to the letter. If it’s missing or faded, go to the manufacturer’s website for wash, dry, and other care instructions. 

Go Easy on the Detergent and Fabric Softener: Even after rinsing, fabrics retain residual amounts of detergent and softener. Using too much of these products will turn the fabric dull and remove more cloth fibers than it normally would. 

Zip and Turn Inside Out: Turn your onesie inside out and zip it up or snap it close before washing. This will prevent snagging on other clothing and reduce wear on the external surface, keeping the colors and prints vivid. 

Turn Down the Heat: Maintain a low temperature when washing or drying. This will avoid stretching, expanding, and deformation. It will also save energy and reduce your electricity bill. 

Ditch the Bleach: Bleach dulls colors and prints more than detergent and fabric softeners. If you need to remove stains, scrub the smeared area with a used toothbrush and a paste of vinegar and baking soda before washing.

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