15 Best Adult Halloween Costumes

15 Best Adult Halloween Costumes

After 20 hours of research evaluating 160 products, we picked Pennywise the Clown from It as our top choice.

Dressing up isn't just for kids. Whether you are headed off to a party or handing out candy as the doorbell rings, adult Halloween costumes are definitely available for anyone that's not keen to making their own. 

You may be wondering...

What makes a Halloween costume great? Let's face it, figuring out what makes a Halloween costume a good one is completely subjective and personal. If you're not a Star Wars fan, you're not going to dig a Jedi Halloween costume. The guy next door might, but that's not going to be you. 

Some people prefer sexy Halloween costumes (because when else is it even remotely appropriate to walk around in public wearing that?), whereas others want to make their friends laugh with a funny Halloween costume.


Once you know whether you want to be naughty or nice, you have a lot of choices. Each costume can be the talk of the town in its own way, even if you're looking at just cheap Halloween costumes for adults.

Our goal when conducting research on the best adult Halloween costumes for 2017 was to find that perfect mix of costumes that are trendy, have some longevity to them, and that will also be comfortable. We also wanted to stay away from anything that might land you in hot water, like a political costume (no matter how funny that might seem).

What's the bottom line?

As for our top Fave, we opted to go with two killer clown costumes for men and women. Even if people who see you in this getup don’t suffer from coulrophobia, they’ve likely seen the movie It… and that’s enough to do long-lasting damage to anyone’s relationship with clowns.  

So, it’s time to pick your poison: do you want to be… Scary? Sexy? Glued to your partner all night long? Now is the time to pick that perfect costume!

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