10 Best Active Underwear for Women

10 Best Active Underwear for Women


After 12 hours of research evaluating 75 products, we picked Under Armour Women's Power In Pink Pure Stretch Hipster as our top choice.

Your workout outfit can have a HUGE effect on your training session and while you may already have the perfect shirt and workout shorts, but don't forget one of the most important pieces of clothing: the best active underwear!

The best active undergarment for women is usually (but not always) moisture wicking underwear. After all, if you're continually having to shift, adjust, pull down/up, and de-wedgie, there's no way you can concentrate on your workout.

Underwear, under where?

The right active undergarment will improve comfort while you work out—wicking away moisture, keeping you cool, and staying in place without riding up. Plus, breathable underwear reduces infection risk. Finding a few good pairs of active underwear is a must for sporty women.

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Below, we've done the research to bring you the best active underwear for women, everything you could need for a comfortable HIIT session, marathon, spin class, or weightlifting workout. Check out the options to find the perfect underwear for you.

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