Best Men's Engagement Ring For Gear Heads

Why people love it
  • Super tough polished tungsten
  • Carbon fiber inlay
  • Just the right amount of bling

The clear resin over the carbon fiber may show scratches over time. So you may want to grab a QALO too for when you’re working on your ride.


Materials: The Bentley is made of tungsten metal that is the closest to scratch proof you can get, inlaid into the tungsten is real carbon fiber, and a single black diamond setting.

Design: The details in this ring are just excellent. The Bentley started out as a solid tungsten ring. Then a shallow channel was cut out of the ring for the carbon fiber, coming to a clean halt at the square of polished tungsten in the middle where the black diamond sits. Most companies would just glue a separate piece of tungsten on the middle, making the ring look cheap and prone to falling apart where it was glued. The craftsmanship of this ring is beyond anything else like it.

Price: This ring is a steal for this price!

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