Bellroy Micro Sleeve

Best Luxury Minimalist Wallet for Men

Why people love it

  • Super minimalist wallet 
  • Leaves barely a trace in your pocket 
  • Great second wallet for when you need something more convenient 

Man of Many says “this minimalist wallet is a great balance of size and convenience”, which is definitely true. Many men who have purchased this great-looking wallet actually use it as a supplement to their primary wallet when they need something slimmer and easier to carry around (like for a night on the town or a work function).

The only drawback to this wallet is that the leather may scuff if you put it in the same pocket as your keys or some other scratchy surface.


Size: We’re talking super slim here. You’ll maybe be able to fit four to six cards in here, but that may even be pushing it (hence, why “minimalist” is so heavily emphasized with this one). But because this micro wallet is so slim, you won’t feel it much or even see it leave an impression in whichever pocket you choose to put it.

Security: Cards hold firmly in place within the slots and pockets. 

Price: While there are definitely more expensive minimalist wallets on the market, our research didn’t prove that they were any better than the ones on this list. So, in terms of a slim luxury wallet for men, this is our pick.

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