Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump

Best Breast Pump for Discretion

Why people love it
  • Excellent (and comfortable) suction
  • Even beginners find it easy to use
  • Simple and swift to clean

You'll need to source your own carrying bag to go with this pump and its accessories; it's a terrible shame. Then again, you probably have a few baby bags already.  


Not everyone has a few hundred bucks to spend on a breast pump - or the need. If you're not planning to exclusively pump and you don't need to express several times a day, you can take a look at some of the less expensive, but still efficient electric breast pumps on the market. This is one of those models that works beyond expectations as long as you're not using it constantly.

  • Efficiency: Wow! Women love the efficiency of this breast pump. Many report being able to get a lot more milk in less time than more expensive models. True, this is a double pump, so you should always be able to express faster, but there is a lot of truth in those reviews. Add to that the amazing 25 settings you have to play with when choosing your pumping rhythm. That alone allows you to choose just how comfortable or how fast your session is. 
  • Ease of Use: Set up is a cinch; it's super easy to see what goes where without bothering to look at the manual. You can, of course, and if you're a first-timer, you really should. You can control both speed and suction with two buttons on the top of the pump. Each option allows you to adjust up or down. It's certainly more basic than you would find with some of the pricier options, but it's definitely easy to use.  There's also a memory function so you can quickly find the settings that work best for you.
  • Comfort: This double breast pump does not disappoint most women. The breast shields are comfortable and don't tend to leave moms with sore nipples. There's no harness on the tubing and shields, so you really can work yourself into whatever position is most comfortable for you. 
  • Portability: This is not meant to be a portable machine. It really is designed for women who need to lock it in their office or home. That said, it's not heavy and you can certainly move it from place to place. Except, you will need to get a carrying case to make that happen. Don't forget to grab an insulated bag for the bottles - unless, of course, you're pumping in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 
  • Washability: Not bad at all. Not that this is a clear-cut winner, but you're not going to scrub until your hands are raw or fight with little pieces while your eyes start to close on you. It's above average, and perhaps even better than that. 
  • Noise Level: For a double electric breast pump that retails for under $100, you would expect this to be louder than it is. Get ready to be surprised; it's not going to drown the sound of the television (or any snoring in the house). But, it's not silent either. You will hear some noise, though perhaps not enough to warn colleagues what's happening in the break room. 
  • Price: You'll find the MSRP of roughly $90 more than fair for this product. You get the pump, two suction kits, tubing, four bottles (and two bases), plus a nipple set and power adaptor. That's a bargain for any electric pump and especially such an efficient double pump. 
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