If you’re all about that bass, then Dr. Dre Beats headphones may be your best choice! 

  • Decent noise cancellation
  • Iconic glossy look and feel
  • Deep low end bass
  • 13% lighter than the original headphones
  • 20-hour battery life--rechargeable

For more battery life and a much lighter pair of headphones, these are the bad boys for you!

What the Reviews Say:

  • The sound is so rich and warm. Of course it's bassy - but not in a muddy overpowering way like in cheaper headphones (including many of Beats other models). The bass is tight, clean and counterpoints the sparkling highs.
  • If you want reference-grade headphones purely for listening to jazz at home, perhaps look elsewhere. For good allrounders, look no further.
  • They recharge pretty quickly and last for quite a while. I have had several flights across the country and back and the battery didn't drop below 50%. The visual indicator of how much they are charged is pretty nice. I would definitely recommend them if you are a frequent flier.

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