Beardo Original Detachable Beard Hat

Best Gift for the Teen Boy that Has a Sense of Humor

Why people love it
  • Great gift
  • Hilarious; expect fun commentary
  • Warm and comfortable

Expect some variation in design – and the sizing isn’t right for everyone.


Details: This is one of the funniest gifts you can give a kid with a sense of humor (at least without moving into the realm of private bodily parts and their functions.

There are a couple of color options available – all within the same price range. And, the beard is detachable (for those moments when it’s just not appropriate).

It’s very comfortable and warm, though there are a few buyers who have received some variation and aren’t 100% happy with the sizing (most, however, are happy).

Price: Depending on the color option you choose, you’ll pay between $25-35 for a single cap with detachable beard. It’s a little on the high side, but totally worth it when it’s both useful and hysterical.

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