Best Beach Umbrella for High Winds

beachBub All-In-One Beach Umbrella System
  • The umbrella will withstand winds up to 35mph
  • Made out of quality materials with a thick umbrella canvas - nothing flimsy
  • Easy to set up and carry
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The sand-filled base keeps the lightweight beachBUB firmly anchored in the sand. Stands up to 35mph wind. 

Can be bulky and heavy to be toting to the beach. 


SPF Factor and Shade: Although this product doesn't provide the most sun protection, it does have a UPF 50+, 7.5 ft canopy. 

Ease of Use: The beachBUB umbrella comes with the umbrella, a folded up base, a shovel, and a wrench. Everything can be easily stored inside the extra large carrying bag. 

As a bonus, the carrying bag has a padded strap and handle. So your shoulder won't be left with those painful red marks from carrying it.  

This beach umbrella weighs in at just under 8lbs. Which isn't the lightest one we've seen. But it's also not the heaviest.  

Durability: This umbrella is by far the sturdiest umbrella on the beach. The secret? Most likely the patented, pyramid shape base that you fill with sand. 

It sits on top of the sand like a patio umbrella stand that sits on a deck. There are no deep holes to dig or twist screw used. Just fill it with sand to keep it firmly anchored. beachBUB even gives you a shovel to use that can be stored in the carrying bag. 

When filled with sand, the base of this umbrella weighs 120lbs which can withstand up to 35 mph winds.

But it's not just the base that makes this umbrella so stable in high wind. The structure of the umbrella itself is heavy duty with thick beams on the underside. A cheap umbrella will turn inside out in a high wind, no matter how stable the base is. This one will not. The beachBUB really is one of the most stable beach umbrellas out there. 

Price: The beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System is much more expensive at $150. So yes, you can spend $30 on cheaply made umbrellas that you can expect to replace regularly, or $150 on this umbrella... once. It's a no brainer.

Keep in mind that although expensive, the beachBUB comes with a three-year replacement protection plan.

For the first year, you can return the umbrella for any reason for a full refund. After one year, you can replace a damaged umbrella for $40. After two years, the replacement cost rises to $60, and after three years, the cost is $80. 


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