Women differ from men in the way in which they approach problems. Knowing the difference - and how to be there for her best should be one of your top concerns. When she has a problem outside of your relationship and doesn't ask for advice but wants to talk, that's normal. Simply be there to listen and provide feedback, rather than tell her how to solve every problem (which, yes, you guessed it, will only aggravate her further.)


It's easy to want to make all problems disappear as quickly as possible for the woman you love, but sometimes that's not what she wants. Instead, women often need someone to listen more than they need outside advice. Talking helps women clarify things that have happened - much like keeping a diary would - and come up with alternative views and reasonable solutions seemingly on their own. To support her best, be there to listen with your full attention (tv off, cell phone down, computer closed, etc.), and only provide solutions if she asks for them. 

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