Best Adult Couples Halloween Costume

Baywatch Lifeguards
  • Because it’s more fun than Beauty & the Beast
  • Gives you a chance to show off how hot your significant other is
  • Comfortable (if the weather cooperates)
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There are plenty of popular duos to pick from (especially if you look at this year’s movies), but we thought this one would be a fun option. So long as you’re not bar hopping in the middle of a storm or stuck at an overly air conditioned apartment, these should be comfortable enough to wear no problem.

Kind of expensive for what you get. Might want to see if you can DIY this one if you can.


Comfort: So long as the weather cooperates, you shouldn’t have any problems staying comfortable in these costumes.

Longevity: Everyone knows Baywatch—that’s why they could get away with turning it into a movie this long after the show ended. If you want to continue to wear this costume, both for and outside of Halloween, you should have no problem doing so .

Price: Definitely a little pricey for what amounts to a leotard and lifeguard getup. But it looks super cool.  


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