Baxter of California Hair Clay Pomade

Best Hair Clay for Strong Hold

Why people love it
  • Amazing natural, matte finish
  • Strong, superior hold
  • Long lasting hold with a product that lasts a ridiculously long time

Very little of this hair clay is necessary to achieve a strong, lasting hold. It adds plenty of texture and garners rave reviews from guys with all hair types.

It can be a little difficult to work out of the container and it doesn’t always wash out as nicely as we would like. The hold sometimes breaks if you work up a sweat.


Despite the relatively small number of hair clays on the market, the competition is fierce. And yet, this Baxter of California Clay Pomade easily made its way to the top of our list. Okay, it is a hybrid clay, but it performs so stunningly well that we had no choice but to give it serious honors.

As with most clays, this provides a natural, matte finish to your do. More than that, it adds serious texture and definition. No really, expect to add some volume if you apply this to damp hair and style with a hair dryer. At the same time, it’s absolutely perfect for a slicked back look. Your hair will feel and appear smooth and frizz-free, whatever your actual hair is like.

We’d like to add that there are many reports of users moving from brands like American Crew over to Baxter of California with great success. Their glowing reviews are echoed in the awards given by reputable sources such as Men’s Health and Details magazines. You’ll find similar raves from sources such as Ask Men and Huffington Post.

There are very few drawbacks which are almost negligible. For example, the price is high – but the product lasts a truly long time. The biggest setback is the trouble that some users have in washing it out. However, we still think it’s worth it.

Hold: The hold on this is surprisingly strong and tends to last the entire day. Hair remains pliable enough to move and bend while still popping back into place. It's little wonder we've given it the strong hold accolades,  right?

Texture: The beeswax in this product provides a slightly sticky feeling. This is a rather thick and non-greasy clay.

Application: There are a few users that find this is a little too thick for what they’re looking for; they have a little difficulty with the application. However, most users rave about the ease of application (not to mention the desired result), which is made easier by the fact that you really only need a small amount (as little as a fingernail-sized blob). When applied to wet hair, you’ll maintain a little of the wet look. Application to dry and damp hair results in a smooth and natural appearance.

Duration: You can expect this to last the whole day. That’s really not bad for a clay.

Washing ease: If there’s one point where this hair clay falls down, it’s with the ease of washing it out. The petroleum base mixed with beeswax makes it a little more difficult than we would like for a clay. Don’t skip the shampoo or you’ll get a few crunchy flakes after toweling off.

Scent: Like most styling products, the aroma of this hair clay is a little difficult to peg. It’s definitely earthy with hints of lemon, sage, and something like tobacco.

Key ingredients: Inside, you’ll find bentonite clay and beeswax (no surprise there), and plenty of natural ingredients like lemon peel, fennel, and sage oils. It’s also paraben-free.

Size: You’ll get 2 ounces of product here and although that feels like it’s on the low side, a little goes a long way. Users manage to stretch a single container (with daily use) anywhere from one month to six. That’s impressive.

Price: Yikes, okay, this is definitely one of the pricier hair clays on the market with a MSRP of $22. You’ll usually pay a little less than that (though not much) for a per ounce price of a little less than $11. Just remember how long it lasts though.

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