Baxter of California Facial Scrub

Best Heavy-Duty Men’s Facial Scrub Exfoliator

Why people love it


  • Amazingly gritty texture 
  • Offers an intoxicating smell 
  • Super-effective 


This exfoliator offers a strong scrub that rejuvenates skin effectively – more like a peel than a mask. It smells wonderful and also helps to prevent ingrown hairs. 

It’s definitely not cheap and it does contain a couple of parabens. 


This doesn’t just clean your face, it scrubs away all the dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal while doing so. You’ll be left with an amazingly refreshed face. It’s the thick, grittiness of this facial scrub that does it.

Sadly, it does it with some parabens and walnut powder which means there are plenty of men that won’t go for it (or can’t). And, sensitive skins should count themselves among those numbers; it’s a little too powerful.

It’s really strong and effective for those that can use it – but it costs a pretty penny too.

  • Who is it for? All skin types, but sensitive skins should be careful.
  • Active ingredients: Cornmeal and walnut shell powder.
  • Other notable ingredients: Honey and lavender.
  • Does it have parabens? Yes 
  • What about other nasties? You’ll find fragrance and a few other chemicals you may want to double check. 
  • Vegan? No, but it is cruelty-free. 
  • Safe for tree nut allergies? No 
  • Texture: Features a very granular texture.
  • Fragrance: A delicious blend of almond, honey, and berry aromas.
  • Does it fight acne? Not specifically.
  • Container sizes: 4 ounces 
  • Will it break the bank? It costs $19 for four ounces. That makes it $4.75 per ounce. It’s not the most expensive facial scrub on the list, but it costs enough to make you think twice.  


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