Ideal for those with sensitive, irritable skin, and completely free of heavy metals and toxins.

  • Appealing scent; no chemical odor
  • No chemicals, toxins, or heavy metals
  • Elegant packaging



For a more natural, manly scent, you'll love this product by Baxter of California.  It's a gel solid product, so you want wear it with any clothes without worrying about pit stains. A bit pricey, though.

What Reviewers Say:

  • The scent is wonderful and doesn't have any of the fake chemically smell of your Degrees and Gillettes and Old Spices. There are minimal chemicals in the stick, so people with sensitivities (or aversions to certain chemicals) can use it without irritation. The packaging is very classy, although when my stick arrived in the mail, it had melted a little bit and the outside was slightly sticky.
  • Baxter of California -- though not an antiperspirant -- is an excellent alternative for me. I like that it rolls on clear and smoothly, and is a cylindrical shape, rather than the traditional oblong shape of most deodorants (why did that shape become the standard, anyway??). The scent is great, being very light and not overpowering, but still masculine (though my wife has actually borrowed it!).
  • The Baxter of California deodorant stick does what it's supposed to -- keep the bad smells out -- very well. My only disclaimer is that after about eight to twelve hours hours, the deodorant becomes noticeable to the wearer, but not to those around them. The smell is a nice one, to be certain, but you can tell that you've been out all day at that point and might feel a bit self-conscious.

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