Hell yeah you want this costume - especially if it's as hot as it looks. (And it is.) Be the good guy; save the city.

  • Shirt, pants, and satin cape plus molded latex headpiece, tunic, shorts, belt, gloves, and boot tops
  • Collectors edition grand heritage Batman costume from the Dark Knight Rises

This costume rocks - as it should do for the price. And, you're not going to find a better Batman costume for under a grand. Seriously. So, it's worth taking a look. Actually, it's worth buying now.

What Reviewers Say:

The results are in, this costume is about as badass as it comes. Take a look at what people are saying.

  • it is a great base to a batman suit. Just customize a bit, buy a separate mask and boots, I bought this for a comic book convention and by just changing those two parts I had hundreds of pictures and compliments. It is really a good batman costume
  • This costume has some great points and a few flaws. If youre a cosplayer this has some great pieces to it at a reasonable price. I paid about $260. The cape is great on this and came with small posing sticks and was really well made. Youll eventually have to change the clasp though. As a general costume its not bad at all but the boot covers like most boot covers are a joke. Mine also came with a good fitting mask that will take little adjusting. The gloves are pretty awesome as well. All around I'm pretty happy for what I got at the price but would definitely not pay any higher.
  • A+++++

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