The iconic brand of Bang & Olufsen has always been at the forefront of sound technology and is recognized as producing premium sound systems with unparalleled sound quality. Which is why we are so excited to bring their first ever Bluetooth speaker, the A2.


Formed from a single brick of aluminum, the A2 features a large woofer and tweeter and a passive bass radiator. The upshot? This little box can pump out 180 watts, and it sounds awesome at all sound levels.

The A2 also features "True360" sound technology, which uses power response enhancement to radiate sound evenly around the edges..confused yet? In simple terms, it means you get a roomful of surround sound no matter where you place the A2.

The best part? Even at top volume, the A2 will last for 24 hours on a charge.

Available in either contemporary green, elegant black or cool grey, and also have interchangeable premium, full-grain leather straps.


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