Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers

Best Overall Baby Diaper

Why people love it
  • The best diaper out there
  • This diaper never leaks, even if worn through the night
  • Prevents diaper rash like no other

These diapers are imported from Denmark so only a handful of online sites sell them. Additionally, European sizes can be confusing.


Absorbency: Sometimes with products that focus more on eco-friendliness, they become less impressive in other areas. And that can be disappointing. However, that's definitely not the case with Bambo diapers. Instead, these diapers are extremely impressive and the best out there - we promise. They are designed with a super absorbant core which means two things: first, less diaper changes; and second, your baby can wear these throughout the night without any leakage. So, you don't have to worry about those disgusting and messy blowouts. Also, these have recently been redesigned to include a wetness indicator so you know when to change your baby. How cool is that?

Comfort and fit: The Bambo is one of the softest and most comfortable diapers we've come across so far - making it the real deal. The flexible sides and stretch tabs give these diapers a comfy fit your baby will love. And, the rate of leaks is significantly less compared to other diapers. Reviewers stated over and over that these diapers never leaked or caused diaper rash. They do run slightly larger than most brands, especially in length, so you may need to experiment a little with sizing.

Eco-friendly: If you're an eco-conscious parent, you'll fall in love with these diapers quickly. In this category the Bambo shines. In fact, this diaper has won multiple Eco-Awards such as the Nordic Swan Eco-Label. Bamboo Nature is also proud of their sustainable manufacturing processes, while ensuring they are free of harmful chemicals, latex, and perfumes. Which makes them skin-friendly and perfect for babies who are sensitive to allergens. As a bonus, these diapers are 80% biodegradable and 99% compostable. And that feels good too, right? 

Price: The Bambo is definitely not the cheapest diaper on the market. However, moms agree that the "leak-free" fit and comfortability make this natural diaper worth the splurge. For this product you are going to spend around $0.35 per diaper. Although considering the average price of a diaper is $0.36, we think this is clearly a steal. The only reason not to choose Bambo diapers is if your budget doesn't allow it. Another option to consider if you're looking for something similar, yet cheaper, is Earth's Best.

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