Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Tree

Best Unlit Christmas Tree

Why people love it
  • Thick, full branches
  • Authentic appearance
  • Attractive shape

A handful of reviewers complain that the tree doesn’t look the way it does in the photos online, but other reviewers say that it looks amazing if you take the time to assemble it properly.


Appearance: There’s a reason Balsam Hill trees made our list twice. The company is known for producing lush, natural-looking trees, and this unlit tree is no exception. Its thick PVC branches mimic the appearance of real spruce trees, and we’re psyched that they completely conceal the tree’s pole.

Ease of Use: Like all of the trees on our list, assembly is fairly easy. The tree comes with cotton gloves, which are a lifesaver if you plan to spend a lot of time fluffing your tree to perfection.

Sturdiness: This tree weighs around 40 pounds, and it’s made from resilient materials. Feel free to drag out every box of ornaments from your basement or attic - this tree can support multiple decorations.

Price: This tree costs less than $180, which is super reasonable when you consider that it’s an authentic Balsam Hill creation. We’ve seen unlit trees from other manufacturers that cost 4 times as much as this one, and we don’t understand why.

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