Why people love it
  • Comfortable fit
  • Stretchable cups
  • Modest design

Soft microfiber stretches in 4 directions for a perfect fit. Full cups lined with foam prevent nip slips.

This bra isn’t sexy at all. If you want something sexier, check out one of the lace bras on our list.


Style: Slip into this wire-free bra with two-ply sides if you need a bra that doesn’t showcase your nipples or cleavage. Sure, it’s not the sexiest Bali bra on our list, but it’s definitely one of the most comfortable ones.

The cups are lined with foam, which offers support while concealing your nipples. This prevents them from making a guest appearance on chilly days or while you’re wearing form-fitting attire.

Material: Smooth, 4-way microfiber gives this bra its signature softness. This is the kind of bra you can wear all the time, even while you sleep.

The fabric molds to your body, creating a perfect fit without relying on cup size. This Comfort Revolution bra only comes in 6 sizes, but it fits women with 27 different cup/band sizes.

Support: Two-ply sides and foam cups provide ample support, even for large busts. It’s not quite as supportive as some underwire bras from Bali, but it’s pretty darn close.

Comfort: Yes, this Comfort Revolution bra lives up to its moniker. You can don this bra for hours upon hours without experiencing discomfort - assuming you buy the correct size, of course.

This bra doesn’t smash down your girls or shove them into tight cups. It gently supports your breasts with stretchy microfiber.

Price: Expect to pay around $42 for this best-selling Bali bra.

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