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Bali Lace Desire Non-Foam Underwire Bra
  • Feminine lace
  • Fits average and large busts
  • Foam-free cups
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Innovative Comfort U-design keeps shoulder straps where they belong. The top half of the cups have see-through lace for a flirty look.

Not an ideal T-shirt bra because you can see the lace texture through tight-fitting tees.


Style: Unleash your inner vixen without sacrificing support when you wear this lace underwire bra from Bali. Women love that the foam-free cups are lightly lined because the bra molds easily to breasts without adding unnecessary padding.

This bra has medium-sized shoulder straps - not too wide, not too thin. The straps are adjustable, and they remain in place after you choose your desired fit

Material: The usual nylon-Spandex blend gives this bra its shape and subtle stretch. Ladies remark that the fabric is lightweight and breathable. Some websites inaccurately report that this bra is machine washable. It’s best to wash this delicate bra by hand and then lay it out to dry.

Support: This bra relies on underwire to give your breasts a boost. Most reviewers say it offers adequate support, but some large-busted women say support could be better. With that feedback in mind, you should probably skip this bra if you have a strenuous day planned.

Comfort: This is fairly comfortable for an underwire bra. The shoulder straps are adjustable, so you can customize your fit. The material is smooth and light, so it shouldn’t leave you feeling itchy or sweaty.

Price: You’ll pay around $42 for this sexy lace bra from Bali unless you find it on sale somewhere.


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