Why people love it


  • Feels so soft against the skin 
  • Super breathable for warmer weather or active days 
  • Fits great even without a wire 



If you’re rocking larger breasts (probably anything over a C), the support is going to be lacking here.


Size: Best for A to C cups.

Support: While the “double support” in this bra name is accurate for smaller cup sizes, it’s not a given for larger breasts. 

Comfort: In addition to being made with a super soft fabric, the Bali wire-free bra has moisture-wicking properties which keeps you dry no matter how hot you get!

Price: Bali bras are available everywhere—Amazon, Nordstrom, HerRoom—so if you’re not happy paying the full price, look around to see who has the best deal. It’s out there. We promise!

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