Baleaf Yoga Pants With Hidden Pocket

Best Gift for a Mom Who Likes to Be Comfy

Why people love it
  • Lightweight material
  • Retains shape after being washed
  • Comfortable fit

Multiple reviewers warn that these pants run small, so order a size bigger than mom usually wears.


Why she needs it: Yoga pants are a staple in any modern mom's wardrobe, especially moms who want to be comfortable without sacrificing fashion. These soft, stretchy yoga pants have a small pocket, which is why we chose them over the thousands of other pairs available. And, the innovative sweat-wicking fabric keeps mom dry while she chases after toddlers at the park or hits the gym.

Price: These Baleaf yoga pants are listed at approximately $52, but we rarely see them priced that high. They’re currently around $17.

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