Why people love it
  • Comfortable, breathable, and durable pants
  • Great for men who like long shorts or three-quarter pants
  • A highly versatile pair of men's athletic pants

Fabric can be a bit rough and may rub your inner thighs raw.


Style: Instead of full-length pants, these are your classic three-quarter length (or Capri-style) pants. They end at the top of your calf, giving you the flexibility that makes shorts so useful for sports but still offering good leg coverage and warmth. The elastic waistband will help the pants hug your hips, and the thick drawstring will keep them tight for more active exercise.

Material: These pants are made of 100% polyester. They're beautifully breathable, with a lightweight design that feels nice for all-day use. During your workouts, you'll love how they wick moisture away from your skin, keeping all your downstairs bits dry. The polyester is also quick-drying, so you won't have to worry about sweat rashes.

However, some users have complained the fabric isn't as soft as they'd like, and may cause friction or irritation.

Price: These are some of the best-priced pants on our list, making them a good option to consider. If you've got the long, lean form to pull off this style, these are your best pick for three-quarter pants.

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