Backseat Car Organizer by Hello Little Monsters

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife that Spends all Day Playing Taxi

Why people love it
  • Loads of room and pockets
  • Great organizer
  • Perfect gift idea

The bottom pocket hangs wide so you can’t store heavy items in it or they’ll fall out.


Features: This product is easy to install and totally practical. It’s double-stitched for strength and waterproof for those nasty spills. You can wipe it clean – and there’s a lifetime guarantee, so you know this is a product that the company feels secure in promoting.

The organizer comes with a downloadable app with travel games for older kids, which is a nice touch. Now, we’re also big fans of this executive travel desk that makes sense for moms that spend too much time waiting for soccer practice to finish, but still need to get work done. And, this console fridge-slash-warmer makes that taxi really convenient for early mornings and long summer days. You know she’ll love that.

Price: We know it isn’t the sexiest present you could give your wife, but it will say that you appreciate the work she puts in hauling the kids to and fro. And, given the price, it’s not as if this needs to be the only thing under the tree. We're really not suggesting it should be (we suggest looking at some of the other options on this list too).

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