Baby’s Only Organic Soy Formula

Best Allergy-Friendly Baby Formula

Why people love it
  • Contains no dairy, corn, or gluten
  • 95% of the ingredients are organic
  • Gentle on delicate tummies

Baby’s Only organic soy formula is one of the only baby formulas available in the United States that does not contain corn syrup solids. The company sweetens the formula with brown rice syrup instead, which is generally considered a healthier carbohydrate than corn syrup or maltodextrin.

The company markets the formula for children ages 12 months and older because it believes moms should breastfeed exclusively for the first year, but the product still meets the FDA formula standards required for younger babies.


Type: Baby’s Only organic soy formula is a powdered substance that comes in a resealable container with a plastic lid.

Ingredients: We almost gave this formula the “Best Organic Formula” award instead of dubbing it the “Best Allergy-Friendly Baby Formula.” All but 5% of its ingredients are organic, and this is pretty much the only baby formula we found that doesn’t contain corn. Rather than lactose or nonfat milk, organic soy protein is one of the primary ingredients in this allergy-friendly, non-gmo blend.

Ease of Use: Like other powdered formulas on this list, Baby’s Only organic soy formula comes with a scoop for easy measuring. However, some parents say that they prefer to measure the formula with a scale rather than relying on the scoop.  

Price: A 12.7-ounce container costs around $10, which breaks down to about $0.75 per ounce. Making this formula one of the cheapest options on our list!

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