Babymel Satchel

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  • Convenient, adjustable cross body strap
  • Fashionable and functional
  • Perfectly packs everything you need for a casual afternoon with baby

So you may be wondering: what is a nappy bag anyway? Nappy is the British word for diaper. While parents in the UK and America may use different words for the bags used to carry their baby's belongings, they both have the same expectations in terms of style and quality. Babymel was established in London in 2006 by the co-founders of Storksak, but now provides quality baby products to parents in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, and the United States. The Babymel Satchel is currently a bestselling product all over the world.

Some reviewers wish that the bag featured more than just two interior and exterior pockets. 


Design: Although the Babymel Satchel is available in a variety of colors and designs, we at Faveable are partial to the jumbo dots in tan. The gorgeous fawn color with the brown trim and silver detailing is casual, yet chic, and goes will with just about any spring or summer ensemble. As an added bonus, the coated canvas exterior is waterproof, repelling water and spills, while the interior lining can be easily wiped clean. The Babymel Satchel is so stylish and versatile that it can be used as a handbag even after your little one has outgrown the need for nappies!

Storage: The Babymel Satchel features two large exterior storage compartments and two large interior storage compartments, with one built-in insulated zipped bottle pocket conveniently hidden in the outer seam of the bag.

Features: This nappy bag includes a convenient strap so that the bag may be worn across the body, leaving your hands free to care for baby. Additionally, the Babymel Satchel comes with a coordinating changing mat that can be folded and stored in the bag for added convenience.

Price: At $70, the Babymel Satchel is one of most stylish and reasonably priced bags on our list. 

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