BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

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Why people love it
  • Blow dries the thickest hair in half the time
  • Gives lots of volume to thin hair
  • The cool button is actually cool air not room temperature

Doesn't come with a diffuser. 


Who's it for? This powerful hair dryer is best for those with thick hair since it cuts drying time in half. 

Features: Does it take you close to an hour to blow dry your thick hair? If so, look no further. What makes this hair dryer so good is how powerful it is. It will literally cut your dry time in half. The best part? Despite the power it's surprisingly quiet. With four temperature settings (cold, cool, warm, and hot) and three speed settings (off, low, and high) you can really customize the type of blowout you want. This dryer comes with an 8mm concentrator nozzle that can be attached when needed and actually stays put. As a bonus, this hair dryer is under 2lbs so you won't get tired using it. The matte finish also makes it nice and easy to grip. 

Price: $59 is a great price for this product. It delivers professional results at an affordable price. Plus, think about all of the time you'll be saving. 

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