Baby Trend Sit N Stand Eclipse Baby Stroller

Best Sit and Stand Baby Stroller

Why people love it
  • Works great with other brands of car seats such as Graco and Safety First
  • Supports many kid configurations and ages so it is very flexible
  • Rolls smoothly and it is easy to maneuver

Seat can recline partially but not to a flat position. 


This Sit and Stand pram has all of the great features of typical sit and stand units, but with the versatility of holding infant car seats in both the front and rear seating positions. Some reviewers claim to have even fit 3 kiddos on board! Now that's impressive.


This unit weighs in at 39lbs which is a bit on the heavy side when you're lifting it in and out of the trunk regularly. But the alternative is carrying around two seperate 20lb buggies, which equals about the same. One thing to remember too, is that it is going to be heavier than a regular pram because now you have two children's weights instead of just one. However on the positive side, you'll have killer arms to show off in the summer! We think that's worth it. 


Baby Trend went above and beyond when they remembered to add in another removable cup holder for the extra kid on board. Not to mention, there's one for you and your latte. Like most units, this set of wheels also has a removable sun canopy and medium sized stoarage basket underneath.


You can't beat a #1 best selling buggy for less than $150. Plus, it will most likely be in your family for a long time so it's an investment (especially if you have more kids).  

What Reviewers Say:

92% of reviewers would recommend this pram to a friend. We think that's incredible for a product under $150.

  • My 2.5 year old was so excited to use this pram with her little brother. She loves the bench seat! I love how light it is. It's actually lighter than my old unit.
  • Best purchase since having my 2nd child! I'm now able to move around with the ease of having both of my boys in the same pram.
  • This is absolutely a life saver. I use it with the baby trend infant car seat so my 3 month old and 4 year old can ride together. It is adjustable so you can have the kids in what ever position is best for your needs.

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