Why people love it
  • The natural smelling citrus, coconut, ginger scent is amazing
  • Offers natural quality odor protection as well as sweat-reduction
  • Sprays on; easy to apply

Fresh and natural, airy scent you can't help but love, offers good sweat and odor protection, easy application

Strong natural smell


Performance: If you want a top-quality natural antiperspirant, you'll love this bad boy. Put it on in the morning, and you'll stay dry all day long. Once you master the nozzle (it's a bit tricky), you'll find it's easy to apply a quick spritz rather than having to rub a stick or roll-on against your senstive armpits.

It's a highly effective natural antiperspirant that will reduce sweating, but the strong scent doubles as a potent deodorizer. Even after a good deal of physical activity, you'll find your armpits mostly dry. Definitely a quality purchase!

Smell: This AXE product offers a pleasant natural smell--a combination of ginger, citrus, and coconut that is tropically fresh and delightfully musky. The smell lasts for well over 24 hours, but it tends to be very strong at first. It can replace any cologne or body sprays, as the deodorant itself has a potent scent that is guaranteed to mask any body odors.

Price: At roughly $5, this is one of the pricier commercial product on the list. However, considering the 24-hour freshness and delightful scent, it's a product worth buying. You'll find it lasts a lot longer than your average roll-on or stick deodorant/antiperspirant.

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