AXE Natural Look Understated Hair Cream

Best Budget Men's Styling Cream

Why people love it
  • Salon-quality cream at a great price
  • Gives your hair thickness without making it look greasy
  • Good hold without affecting the texture or smell of your hair

  • Inexpensive
  • Long-lasting, natural look, understated, manageable, light hold, soft to the touch
  • Great for guys with sensitive skin
  • Not good for complex hairstyles
  • Using too much will leave your hair greasy

This is an excellent cream, and at a great price you can't help but love it!

First off, the cream has good (light) hold, making it perfect for guys who want to keep their hair care understated while adding a bit of thickness to their locks. 

There's minimal smell - which does not smell like the teenage-boy aroma you've come to associate with the brand. 

No greasy film, white flakes, or goopy clumps of hair. Expect a totally natural, pliable appearance. That said, it has a little more shine than many other creams. 

The cream is salon-quality yet at an incredibly low price. You only need a small amount to keep your hair tidy for hours.

It's not up for complex hairstyles, but is ideal for anyone who wants to look neat and clean. It provides a natural appearance with the control of a much thicker, heavier cream.

Key ingredients: For a styling cream, this has a relatively short ingredient list. There are no parabens or petroleum, but you will find alcohol inside. However, there is some protective and healing tea tree oil, which balances it out a bit.

Texture and appearance: It's a little thicker than most styling creams and carries a glue-like texture. 

Application: Dip your finger into the cream and apply a small amount to your hair. It's not a high hold cream, but will give you control over your hair.

Scent: A bit woodsy, a bit fresh, and nothing at all like the heavy, perfume-y aroma you think about when you hear this brand's name. Promise. 

Price: At less than $7 per tub, this is one of the creams you have to include in your grooming kit. It works out to $2.65 per ounce, which is quite amazing for a quality hair cream. 

We know that there are cheaper hair creams out there, but none that compete with the quality you'll find here. 

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