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AXE Natural Look Hair Cream


This is an excellent cream, and at a great price you can't help but love it!

First off, the cream has good (light) hold, making it perfect for guys who want to keep their hair care understated. There's minimal smell, and the only change in look is a bit of added thickness to your locks. No greasy film, white flakes, or goopy clumps of hair.

The cream is salon-quality yet at an incredibly low price. You only need a small amount to keep your hair tidy for hours. It's not up for complex hair styles, but is ideal for anyone who wants to look neat and clean. It provides a natural appearance with the control of a much thicker, heavier cream.

Application: Dip your finger into the cream and apply a small amount to your hair. It's not a high hold cream, but will give you control over your hair.

Who’s It For: Anyone who prefers simple hairstyles.

Price: At less than $7 per tub, this is one of the creams you have to include in your grooming kit. It's not the most advanced or reliable hair cream around, but you can't argue with the results at that very low price.

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