AXE Messy Look Hair Paste

Best Hair Cream for Messy Look

Why people love it

• Medium hold ideal for wide range of looks, including messy

• Very little needed; lasts longer

• Minimalist smell, feel, and look



Does not withstand rain, only effective when dry.


The "messy" look is not an easy one to master. It takes a very flexible, subtle cream to achieve the rumpled, scruffy appearance—which is what makes this cream so useful. The cream has enough holding power to keep your perfectly messed hair in place all day long. It's minimalist enough that there's no smell, texture, or change in the appearance of your hair, but you'll love the staying power.

The cream can stand up to some light sweating, but heavy perspiration and rain will mess up your hair. However, given how little you use (just the tip of your finger), you won't have to worry about running out. You get anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks of use from this tub of cream.

Application: Dip just the tip of your finger into the tub and apply it to the tips of the hair you want to keep "messy". The medium holding power and good flexibility will keep it in place for hours.

Who’s It For: Men who like the "messy" look.

Price: At $14 per tub, this is a very well-priced product. You get hours of hold from a very small amount, making it a long-lasting cream you'll always want to have on hand.


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