Why people love it
  • Really lasts all day without flopping
  • Clean scent that doesn't interfere with your other products
  • Great price for the brand

Guys that have been using this for years aren't completely impressed by a change in formula - or the hike in price. 


The thing about any and all Axe products is that they are reliable. They're also dedicated to men. Axe is where any guy should start when they begin their quest for styling perfection. This pomade, as with many products from the same brand, is meant to cut across all hair types and hair styles. It will add some sexy polish to short and medium-length styles, but it's unlikely to revolutionize your grooming routine. 

If you're not too finicky about having everything exactly so, then you'll want to consider this medium (to strong) hold pomade that lasts all day without you looking as if you just stepped out of the swimming pool. It's definitely affordable and a solid choice for basic styles and styling newbies. 

  • Hold and Control: The manufacturer suggests this is a medium hold pomade, but it's definitely a little stronger than that. And that's what gives it the ability to last a long time (as long as you don't touch your hair too much).
  • Ability to Restyle: Styling the first time around is super easy and you can add water to control your hold even more. But, it's designed to hold all day without too much reshaping. Maybe check out another pomade from our list if you're looking for something that can easily be restyled.
  • Texturing: This is hardly a volumizer, but you will find that it does add just a touch of texture to your hair. However, the words "clean cut" should give you an indication of ideal style. 
  • Shine Level: It's a little shiny, but seriously one of the more natural looking pomades on the market. Expect your hair to look healthy rather than wet.
  • Flakes and Washability: Axe would tell you that you would have an easier time washing this product out if you use their shampoo. Maybe you would, but this is one of the heavier pomades and you will need to spend some time working it out of your hair. 
  • Scent: Guys like the clean, fresh smell of this pomade. Girls apparently do too. But, it will hardly have them swarming around your hair. 

Bottom Line: This is perfect for the guy that wants to hold his style in place without too many adjustments. The finish is just right - and the price is terrific too. But, it is more like an entry-level product than something you want to stick with for life. Also, you may want to watch out for fakes when ordering from certain retailers. 

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