Avidlove Semi-Sheer Babydoll Teddy

Best Sexy Pajamas for Women

Why people love it
  • Rich, beautiful hues
  • Comfortable but feminine
  • Flattering fit

It runs a little small, but some women say the smaller size gives their breasts a nice boost.


Fit: This tantalizing teddy is sexy, but not at the expense of comfort. It’s lightweight and easy to slip on (and off), and we love how the loose belly conceals our trouble spots. The top runs small, but some women like that because it gives their chest some extra oomph.

Fabric: Don’t be scared of the product title - this sexy lingerie is made out of polyester, not polyeater. Soft, silky polyester that feels nice against your bare skin.

Maintenance: You can wash this by hand or toss it in the washing machine, but make sure to put it on the delicate cycle. Dry cleaning is also an option.

Price: Depending on the size and color you select, prices range from $8 to $30 for this affordable teddy.

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