Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo

Best Overall Baby Shampoo

Why people love it
  • Lightly scented formula smells amazingly fresh
  • Helps control skin issues such as eczema
  • Wonderfully gentle on sensitive skin

This soap-free formula is perfect for babies with skin conditions - or just sensitive skins. Indeed, this baby wash and shampoo from Aveeno is designed to protect against dry skin and eczema (and it's still less than 60 cents per ounce!). 

Sadly, this isn't the easiest product to whip into a lather. But then, it doesn't have any soap to assist that process along. 


This is our top fave for a lot of reasons. We're not saying that the Johnson baby shampoo doesn't have it (that wouldn't be true); it's just that we appreciate this shampoo a lot more. And, it's not as if Aveeno isn't a trusted brand, is it? In fact, what you may not know is that Aveeno IS a Johnson baby brand. This line is just geared towards those with sensitive skin and issues such as eczema.

Even Parents.com has a lot to say about this particular baby shampoo and body wash. They're fans of the tear-free formula and the natural oat extract used for cleansing and nourishing skin, and they're not alone. If you want to know what users and reviewers really think, you can take a look at The Small Things Blog or A Very Sweet Blog for their encounters with this baby shampoo. 

We want to be upfront about this product, though. As much as they pump natural goodness into it, this is not an all-natural product and it does have some added fragrance. But, it is free from all the little nasties you want to avoid - and it comes at an awesome price.

  • What’s Inside? The key ingredient of this awesome baby shampoo and body wash is oatmeal. That's the same with many Aveeno products as it's naturally calming for eczematic and irritated skins. It's soap-free, hypoallergenic, and pediatrician-recommended. And (we know you're wondering), it's paraben-free. If your baby suffers from sensitive skin, it's likely that your dermatologist would recommend this before suggesting the all-natural route. That has as much to do with the fact that this product works as it does brand recognition. 
  • Easy to Use? If this shampoo came in a package with a pump, we'd love it even more. That's because it works into a lather easily and spreads through hair and over your babe's body super well. And then, let's talk about the cleaning power that comes while still remaining gentle on baby's skin. 
  • Tear-Free? Yes, yes, and yes. It's on the bottle and the company will stand by that statement too. 
  • How Does It Smell? The light smell of this product is sort of an oatmeal odor. It's deliciously soothing without overpowering that lovely baby smell that you've become addicted to. 
  • And the Cost? Okay, this isn't the cheapest product on the list; it's a pumped up version of our budget pick (Johnson's). If you buy it at the MSRP, you'll pay about 75 cents per fluid ounce. But, you'll never pay the full price on Amazon. Instead, you'll pay closer to 55 cents per fluid ounce, which is a real bargain for the product that you get. 
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