Why people love it

  • Works like nothing else 
  • Prevents future outbreaks 
  • Amazing for dry skin 

This eczema cream is specially formulated for children and babies and is definitely recommended by dermatologists as a safe, natural product.

You’d be hard pressed to find something seriously wrong with this eczema cream, but we must remind you that nothing works for everyone all the time. 


When your child has eczema, you might feel helpless in the battle. But, this lotion will do the job. And trust us, you'll want a lotion that goes on smooth and gets the job done. That’s exactly what this cream is and there’s a good chance your dermatologist or pediatrician will recommend it to you. The oat and ceramide formula helps to balance the skin’s pH which prevents additional flare-ups after clearing the issue.

Not only is this an often recommended product, it does a brilliant job with the dry and itchy skins. Plus, it’s generally the same price as the adult formula (our top fave), which means you don’t have to make sacrifices based on cost – especially as it’s already super affordable.

What’s inside (and what isn’t)? The big ingredients here are oats along with ceramides. As with all Aveeno products, you won’t find parabens and the like in this cream.

Who’s it for? It’s designed for babies and children, which means it’s safe for anyone.

Consistency and fragrance? It’s a thick, creamy lotion – and, yes, it’s fragrance-free.

Will it break the bank? Again, this works out to $1.50 per ounce which is good. And, you can save a few cents by adding this to your Subscribe & Save list on Amazon.

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