Aveda Hair Grooming Clay

Best Hair Clay for Men with Thin Hair

Why people love it
  • Amazingly natural finish
  • Great hold
  • Smells downright incredible

This Aveda hair clay adds volume and texture to thin hair, is easy to apply and wash off, and offers a seriously natural finish.

The price is the biggest drawback of this hair clay. In addition, there’s the fact that it doesn’t contain any bentonite and there are some guys that absolutely hate the smell.


This product is a bit of an anomaly on this list because it doesn’t actually contain bentonite clay, which many would have you think is a prerequisite to be considered a hair clay. But, the folks at Aveda call it a clay and it certainly behaves that way.

And, what’s really interesting is the number of sources willing to put their name behind this Aveda product. Let’s see, there’s GQ, Men’s Hairstyle Trends, the UK’s Independent newspaper, Huffington Post – and that’s just the beginning.

If you’re worried about bentonite composition, you’d think the raves were totally undeserved, but we suggest getting over that completely because this product has plenty of positives to go with the reviews. For starters, there’s the amazing way it lifts and adds volume to thin hair. It actually doesn’t do a bad job with thick hair, but those guys just don’t need as much help. We love that it’s lightweight enough for thinning hair while still making what’s there appear fuller. And it does so in a non-damaging way.

For a totally natural finish, this may just be the clay you want – and that’s why men turn to clay in the first place. Really, it won’t appear as though you have anything in your hair at all – expect for the fact that it will hold perfectly throughout the day. And, it’s a decent medium hold.

Besides the price, which is quite scary, the only real issue may be the scent. Now, we love it as do most women and many male users. But there are those that don’t like it. And, it can be a little on the strong side. But if the women are flocking, we think you may be able to get over it.

Hold: The hold on this is nothing more or less than medium. It holds well for most men – even those with thicker hair. There are a few that don’t find it strong enough, but it’s not even advertised as a strong hold.

Texture: Once again, this is about as middle of the road as you can get. It’s thick – as clay should be, but not so thick that you need to work at it.

Application: Almost every user (including their stylists) will tell you that it’s best to apply this to clean, towel-dried hair and style from there – with or without a hairdryer. You’ll be able to rework and reshape throughout the day, if you so please, without gross, greasy fingers once you’ve done so.

Duration: Again, this product is almost textbook. It will last for the day, but not longer than that. If you’re looking for a multi-day hold, you’re in the wrong place.

Washing ease: This is definitely one of the easier clays to wash out of your hair. That’s likely because it doesn’t contain any of the traditional clay ingredients; it just functions like one.

Scent: This is perhaps the most contentious aspect when it comes to real users. Some love the woodsy, natural aroma; and then there are those that hate it. You may want to wander into a salon to give it a smell if you’re anxious about it, though we should tell you that women tend to swoon for the smell of any and every Aveda product.

Key ingredients: We don’t know how to tell you this, but this clay doesn’t actually contain any clay. You may think that would exclude it from the list, but it’s marketed as a clay and gets way too many positive reviews to leave it out. This Aveda product does have a lot of healthy oils, though it also has some alcohol. Fortunately, it doesn’t have any parabens.

Size: The little tub holds 2.6 ounces – and as you would suspect, that’s not the largest, nor the smallest capacity.  

Price: Ouch, this is frighteningly expensive at around $42. That means you’ll pay close to $16 per ounce and that is quite ridiculous, isn’t it?

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