Why people love it
  • Leaves hair feeling smooth and touchably
  • Treats all hair types
  • Repairs chemically damaged hair

This daily conditioning formula infuses hair with moisture, leaving your locks looking healthy, silky, and shiny. Want to know the secret to this repairing conditioner? Quinoa proteins. Crazy, right? Bet you didn’t see that one coming! In any event, this stuff promises to hydrate, condition, and detangle. And reviewers report that it truly delivers. Say hello to strong, healthy hair in no time!

Despite the pure plant and flower base, a small number of reviewers report that this smells a bit like chemicals. Also, it’s expensive. Like, really expensive.


Performance: This conditioner naturally detangles, preventing further damage and breakage. But it goes beyond preventing future damage and restructures dry, dead hair. The Aveda brand is also known for its rigorous environmental sustainability standards, so you can feel good about what’s going into your conditioner. 

Scent: Created using pure plant and flower essence, this conditioner smells like you just walked through a field of flowers. Ummm, yes please.

Price At $4.32 per fluid ounce, this stuff is pricey. But if you’re in desperate need of a quick fix for dry, damaged hair, this conditioner is totally worth it. Plus, a little goes a long way with this stuff, so the price isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.

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