Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy Getting His First Car

Automatic Pro Gold 3G Connected Car Adapter
  • Tracks vehicle in real time
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Well designed

This handy gadget transforms older cars into Smarter cars with crash detection emergency responsiveness and the ability to read the obscure warning lights on the dashboard. It also integrates with Echo, Nest, and IF (IFTTT).

You need a Smartphone to connect this, not a tablet. It’s also not a remote starter or anything like that.


Details: This is one of the handiest gadgets out there for new drivers and their parents. It helps to make sense of warning lights in older vehicles. And, if it detects a crash, the Automatic Pro team will reach out with assistance. As a parent, you’ll appreciate the ability to ask Alexa where the car is (though, it’s not necessarily a selling point for some teens). All you need to do is plug this puppy into the car’s diagnostic port and it connects via 3G technology within the United States. Easy.

If you’re kid needs a little help maintaining his car, why not get him this car care kit. Indeed, it might be the thing to put under the tree if car shopping is in the cards in the next few months. And, you probably want to slip this book into his stocking. It’s Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don't Know to Ask. Handy, right?

Price: For such a high quality piece of equipment, we think $130 is totally reasonable.


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