Why people love it
  • Keep your hands toasty warm while enjoying snow sports!
  • Thick, durable, and comfortable
  • Great product at a very low price tag

Extra thick shell protects your hands, breathable, resistant to water leakage, soft cotton inner lining, premium leather palm, warm, decent heating, and durable design.

Not fully waterproof and requires 6 AA batteries to power.


Design: These gloves are designed to be used on the ski slopes, so they're thicker than most of the other gloves on our list and have a shell designed to protect your hands and fingers. They're not as waterproof as you might expect, but their cotton-lined inner will keep your hands toasty warm even when the heater is turned off.

The gloves are very breathable, so you won't have to worry about sweaty palms. The reinforced leather palm keeps your palms nice and warm, enhances your grip, and offers you good freedom of movement. All in all, your best choice when skiing!

Heating: The heating element is built into the gloves at the back of your hand, with a thread running up the fingers to the second knuckle to keep everything warm. The heating element delivers excellent heat, adding to the gloves' insulation.

On the downside, the gloves require six AA batteries (3 per glove, batteries not included) in order to run the heater. That being said, you'd better own a stock of rechargeable batteries in order to get the most out of these gloves.

Price: At $26 for the pair, these are the cheapest on our list. They may not be the best overall, but they're a budget choice that will be ideal for keeping your hands warm while skiing or snowboarding.

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