Aurora AS680S

Best No-Wastebasket Paper Shredder

Why people love it
  • Weighs just 4 pounds; easy to move and shred anywhere
  • Surprisingly powerful and durable design
  • Auto-start/stop and thermal protection to reduce overheating

Noisy, and the extension rod (to adapt to wastebasket size) lacks durability.


Performance: If you need speed and efficiency, this is the shredder for you. Simply place it on top of any waste basket, turn it on, and get shredding! It can handle up to 6 pieces of regular paper at once, and it can even slice through staples and credit cards.

The shredder weighs less than 4 pounds, and it's compact enough to fit into your briefcase. It's ideal for home and office use. It doesn't have the longest run time, but it will turn any mail, junk mail, or documents into small strips. 

Features: The shredder is expandable, meaning it will fit almost any wastebasket you have. However, be warned: the extender arm/rod has a tendency to break. If you can find a wastebasket that the shredder fits without needing to extend the arm, you'll increase the durability of the machine significantly.

The shredder has an auto-start/stop feature to reduce both paper jams and user injuries. Plus, the thermal protection will prevent it from overheating.

Price: At less than $25, this is an awesome little shredder. It's definitely not going to keep up with heavy-duty use, but it's ideal for those who need to keep their home or office/home office free of clutter.

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