Best Compact Desktop Paper Shredder

Aurora AS420C
  • Perfect for shredding documents at home or the office; small enough to fit anywhere
  • Excellent household shredder at a reasonable price
  • Surprisingly powerful despite its small size
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Can fit on any desk or table, lightweight and compact, inexpensive, easy to keep clean thanks to the built-in cleaner tool, quiet operation, slices paper with ease, and features a built-in handle for maximum portability.

Narrow feeder mouth, and it can only handle 1-2 pages at once.


Performance: For those who want to shred receipts, bank statements, or other documents at home, this is the shredder for you. The feeder mouth is just 4.5 inches wide—ideal for receipts, though you'll have to fold regular papers in half. It's not going to power through multiple pages at once, so prepare to shred one or two at a time.

However, the portability of this compact, lightweight shredder makes it ideal for home or office use. It has a decent run time (10-15 minutes), so make sure to shut it off before it overheats. However, it's beautifully easy to clean, slices through paper rather than simply ripping it, and makes it easy for you to keep your home free of clutter and sensitive documents.

Features: The built-in handle allows you to move it around your home or office with ease. Though the wastebasket is small (can only handle 40 pages before needing to be emptied), it's easy to remove, empty, clean, and replace.

This is a no-fluff shredder designed to turn your receipts and documents into small pieces. It's not loaded with features, but it gets the job done!

Price: At just over $20, this is a beautifully inexpensive shredder. It's only built for occasional, household use, but it's a good appliance to have at home.


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