Why people love it
  • ONLY contains ginseng--no artificial or useless ingredients
  • "Red" ginseng  has a higher ginsenoside content than other ginseng products
  • Helps you feel better and more energized

Some users report no discernible effect after weeks of taking the supplement and may cause some side effects.


Function: Ginseng is great at boosting circulation, but there is another unknown function that helps to enhance sex drive. It's believed to be the result of the ginsenosides in the ginseng, which increase nitric oxide activity in the body and stimulate the neurotransmitters that are activated when you are aroused.  Multiple studies have found that ginseng really does work as a sex booster!

Details: This ginseng supplement is NOT ginseng extract. Instead, it's 6-year old Korean ginseng that is ground into a powder and compressed into tablets. It's as natural as possible, with no added ingredients or fillers to dilute the potency of the ginseng itself. The fact that it's red ginseng (red referring to the process rather than the ginseng) means that it has a higher ginsenoside content (8%) than other ginseng extracts.

Price: $38 is a bit of a high price to pay for ginseng, but considering the high quality of this particular ginsent, it's well worth the investment. The 100% natural supplement is as potent as you could ask for, and is the best libido-boosting ginseng product on the market.

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