August Smart Lock (3rd Generation)

Best Bluetooth Door Lock

Why people love it
  • Security and flexibility thanks to August app
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to open your lock straight from your smartphone
  • Unique look is charming and intriguing

Pricey and still a tad "buggy" with occasional software/app flaws.


Even when you work from home, sometimes people need access.  But, you still need to secure the space. This smart lock is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and allows you to easily control who has access to your home and manage how long their access lasts - right from your handheld device! The lock is also powered by 4xAA batteries, so it's always on.

Design: Make no mistake: this is a big lock! It's larger and thicker than your average door handle, and it will look a bit odd. However, it's built to last, with a durable tamper-proof exterior that will protect your home from burglars.

Installation: This lock is designed to be installed with existing deadbolt locking systems. It's simply the locking mechanism, without the actual deadbolt itself. Simply remove the thumbturn and mount the August smart lock to your door. Voila!

Performance: One of the best things about this Bluetooth door lock is the fact that you can check the lock history via the smartphone app. You'll be able to see when the lock was opened via the app, making it easy to monitor your family's comings and goings. The app has a lot of functions: instant invites to allow guest access, time-restricted access, and more! You can send as many "e-keys" as you want.

The iOS app is best, as the Android app has a few bugs in the software. The fact that it's Bluetooth means there's a bit of lag when trying to connect/open the door. However, you can also connect with it via your home wireless connection, making it a useful WiFi door lock. The latest generation of August Smart Lock is now compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice control service. You can lock, unlock, or check on the lock via the August Home Skill app on Alexa. Be warned, you'll need the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to make it work. 

Lost power or your Bluetooth won't connect? No worries: the lock comes with a key that will allow you to open it in case of emergencies.

Price: At $250, it's the most expensive smart lock on this list. However, for users who HAVE to have the latest gadgets, it's a lock worth having. The convenience of a Bluetooth door lock makes it a tech-friendly security solution, and it's the best of the truly "smart" locks.

What Reviewers Say:

The August smart lock allows you to give timed access. For example, you would give your family 24/7 access to your front door but the maid would get only a couple of hours. The August smart lock is accompanied by an app that allows you to see the logs of those who have entered your home. It doesn't even need to have your WiFi active as it can still be controlled without it. In case of a power failure you also don't need to worry as it runs on 4 x AA batteries. Many people really like this. Here's what they think.

  • "The August lock has been quite reliable and does better than described. The packaging and instructions, fit and finish are great. It works with a good variety of lock vendors and it's been well thought out. For those of you, like me, were worried about the grinding noises other motorized locks make when lock/unlocking fear not - August is quite quiet. I bought the August lock for the auto-unlocking when approaching the door with your associated phone. It works pretty much all the time, but will not work for quick trips out to the car and back to the door, you really need to leave. You quickly get in the habit of leaving your keys, so I've been locked out of the house once because I enabled the auto-lock feature and shut the door. Thankfully I the Apple Watch app could talk to my iPhone inside the house so I could unlock the door using the watch app. A casualty of convenience and not August."
  • "Product works as expected. No issues."
  • "Compared to Lockitron which worked only maybe 20% of the time and involved weird steps to be made and Schlage where you can tell its a special lock from the outside because of the keypad...I standby August as being the best option available on the market today when it comes to Smart Locks!"



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